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FAQ: Can I Help With Weight Loss After Gastric Band Surgery?

Yes, Absolutely.

Let's Talk About Weight Loss After Gastric Band Surgery

Requests for weight loss support after gastric band surgery is becoming more common than I ever imagined.

I felt compelled to write a few words on this after my third client with a gastric band (in as many weeks) told me their story. I am going to be brutal and actually say I think it's pretty bad what many of you are being put through by the medical system.

Strong words I know, But consider the psychological trauma of surgery, thinking it's your 'last resort', the process, the procedures, the stress, the acid reflux and associated side effects... all to have it (essentially) fail.

Why You Can't Keep Weight Off After Surgery

If you've had a gastric band and you're reading this, I want you to know that it isn't your fault. Simply shrinking your stomach ignores so many of the factors that go into building your body. Good nutrition, movement, our habits, our environment, our social pressures, our busy lives.

It's like giving you a plaster for a gun shot wound. If you don't dig in, remove the bullet, fix it properly with the right dressings, it's going to keep bleeding and there is nothing you can do about it.

You've regained weight because they have tossed you right back into the same environment, with the same set of beliefs, habits and knowledge, that made you overweight in the first place.

Let's dig into why it isn't working.

What Is Gastric Banding?

Gastric band surgery, also known as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, is a popular weight-loss procedure that involves placing a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to reduce its size.

The reduced stomach size physically limits the amount of food that you can eat, leading to a feeling of fullness ...and ultimately weight loss. For a while anyway.

Does It Work? Not For 40% Of You

Would you go under the knife if you were told it would have a 60% success rate?

While gastric band surgery has been successful in helping many people lose weight, it is by no means a guaranteed long term solution. So many people regain the weight they have lost and more.

In fact, research suggests that up to 40% of people who undergo gastric band surgery will regain at least some of their lost weight within five years of the procedure.

One of the primary reasons for this high rate of weight regain is the lack of support for behavioural change, understanding the environment, fitness, and nutrition that many individuals experience after surgery.

Is It A Quick Fix?

Gastric band surgery is often seen as a quick fix. But, here is the clincher... most people do not tend to receive the necessary education and support to make long-term lifestyle changes that can help them maintain their weight loss.

Without working with you on learning the basics, they are essentially throwing you back into the same life that got you to the surgeons table in the first place.

What does this mean in the case of my clients? Weight regain, huge feelings of anxiety, feelings of failure and confusion. It's a psychological s**t storm, to be blunt.

You Cannot Heal In The Same Environment That Made You Sick

Environmental factors play a significant role in weight regain after gastric band surgery. Everyone faces social pressures to eat certain foods or engage in certain behaviours that are not conducive to weight loss. You haven't been told any different, so saying 'yes' to pizza and beer at BBQ's is still the norm.

You might even start drinking more 'liquid' calories for energy to get you through the day if you feel you can't eat enough to sustain you. These are some of the most damaging kind for the liver.

Food After Surgery

I cannot actually believe what I've heard in the last few weeks.

"Did the doctors give you any advice on nutrition after the surgery"

"Yeah, they said I could eat small things like muffins"

You're frigging kidding me.

A really good friend of mine (who I am sure won't mind me using this example) used to even use savoury muffins as a 'go to' when eating out, because it was less socially awkward for her than ordering a full size meal and not being able to eat it.

When you only have a certain amount of space in your stomach to absorb nutrients, you need to make the absolute most of what you put in. Your body NEEDS protein and healthy fats. Not processed junk because you've been told to just eat smaller things. Eating "smaller" nutrient void foods like muffins will leave you feeling stuffed but fatigued. Which is when you'll reach for more food or liquid calories as soon as space allows.

In Summary

If you have had a gastric band, sleeve or other procedure and have bounced back. If that is causing you to feel like you've failed or like you don't know where to turn, it's important to know that it's not your fault. But you do have the power to fix it.

I am honestly here to help and want to help you if you feel you need it. Our programme works.


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