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Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Why Smoothies Aren't The Healthiest Choice

Smoothies have gained popularity as a health food, often seen as a convenient way to consume fruits and vegetables. However, not all smoothies are created equal, and there are several reasons why they might not be as beneficial for your health as you think.

There are numerous reasons smoothies will make it HARDER for you to lose body fat if that's one of your goals.

So, scientifically speaking, let's dive into it: Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

The Hidden Sugar Trap

One of the primary concerns with smoothies is their high sugar content. Fruits naturally contain sugar, and when several are combined in a smoothie, the sugar content can add up quickly. For example, a single banana can contain around 5 teaspoons of sugar. Add an apple to the mix, and you're already at about 10 teaspoons in one drink.

Blood Sugar Spikes

Blending fruits can exacerbate the impact on blood sugar levels. Consumed whole, fruits release their sugar more slowly into the bloodstream. However, when blended, this process is accelerated, potentially leading to blood sugar spikes. These spikes trigger a release of insulin, our body's fat-storage hormone. Over time, frequent blood sugar spikes can contribute to insulin resistance, a precursor to diabetes, and other serious health issues like Alzheimer's disease.

Sugar - Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Fibre Breakdown

Another downside to smoothies is the breakdown of fibre. Fibre in whole fruits plays a crucial role in slowing down sugar absorption and aids in digestion. Blending fruit can break down this fibre, reducing its effectiveness.

Additionally, the act of chewing whole fruits helps in saliva production and the activation of digestive enzymes in the stomach, both essential for proper digestion. Smoothies bypass these natural processes.

Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Imagine eating this platter versus drinking it...

Caloric Density and Satiety

Adding ingredients like nut butter to smoothies can significantly increase their caloric content without providing the same level of satiety as eating whole nuts. The physical act of chewing nuts is more satisfying than consuming them in liquid form. When you drink calories, your brain may not register them as effectively as when you eat them, potentially leading to increased hunger and overeating.

Amy's Fitness & Nutrition Why Smoothies Suck For Fat Loss: Debunking the Health Myths

Psychological Impact

The psychology behind eating and drinking is crucial to understanding fullness and satisfaction. Consuming five pieces of fruit in a sitting would be challenging and time-consuming, providing a sense of fullness. In contrast, drinking a smoothie with the same amount of fruit can be done quickly and may leave you feeling less satisfied and more likely to consume additional calories.

Hurry Mindset

Last but not least, by final problem with smoothies is because people tell me they want something healthy in a hurry. Part of the problem with why you can't lose body fat is your emotional turmoil. Your body is likely gagging for you to slow down. Yes, you can polish your halo and tell yourself you've done a great job of being healthy today, downing a litre of sugar on your way to work. But, a sneaky suspicion tells me, that when you're diet fatigue (and blood sugar high) wears off, you'll be quickly in search of the next pick me up.


While smoothies can be a part of a healthy diet, especially when carefully crafted with balanced ingredients, they are not a perfect solution. Being mindful of the sugar content, understanding the impact on blood sugar and digestion, and considering the psychological aspects of consuming food in liquid form are crucial. Whole fruits, with their natural fibre and nutrients intact, are often a better choice for sustained energy and overall health.

A Better Alternative?

Eat a high-protein meal with natural protein, fat and fibre. Follow this with a piece of fruit if you feel like it. And LEARN how to make and eat REAL food, without being in a hurry.

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