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Book A Nutrition Consultation

Take the time to make yourself a priority & get clarity on what you want.

The Power Of A Chat

These are really lovely and relatively casual sessions and you should get a lot out of it. They last around an hour and a half - taking time to focus on all aspects of your life is really crucial. We will have a really good chat about where you are right now and where you would like to be, along with some discussions around changes you can make.


We run through:

- Your Health Story: Where you are at right now

- Your Goals: Where do you want to be?

- Any Challenges/ Road Blocks you currently have or envisage

- How you want that to feel (if I could wave a magic wand and make it happen - no limits) 

- We talk about what the ultimate outcome could be

- We discuss the gap between what you are doing now and what's stopping you from getting there

- How we can work together to close this gap for you


I follow up with some comprehensive follow up notes to help you take action.

If fat loss is your goal, most people lose between 2 & 4 kg simply following our chat.

$395 per person

($495 for a couple or 2 friends)

This includes two weeks of message support to implement your learnings.

We Will Run Through

Gain Clarity & Regain Control

If you're reading this you've already embarked on the first step of transformation.


Recognising that the environment, habits and actions that you are living are not serving you in the way that you want. 

A holistic nutrition consultation focuses on areas a lot broader than food itself.


No topics are off the table. 

Our difference lies in pairing your nutrition challenges with your surrounding environment, work and home life, emotional state and additional external factors. 

Amy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailored Nutrition Plans NZAmy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailore

Delicious Feedback

"Feeling great. My energy is really consistent instead of highs and lows. 


My mood is SO MUCH BETTER - 


I'm less likely to snap (according to hubby lol)."

Queenstown - Nov 2022

Let's Start With A Chat

Whether you're ready to start today or would just like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for getting in touch. You're already made the first step!

Other Tailored Consultation & Plan Options

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