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12 Week Life Changer
1:1 Fitness & Nutrition Plan & Coaching

This framework requires real commitment, which is the backbone to lifestyle change.

With support and a focus on changing your mindset from day one, let's see where you can go...

12 Week Life Changer
Nutrition Plan & Coaching Package

Perfect If, you are ready to put yourself and your wellness at the top of your priority list. Time magnifies the margin between success and a feeling of failure - the more time you spend making small changes in the right direction, the more time becomes your friend, negative changes and it becomes the enemy.


Having good information and on-going support is priceless when it comes to making successful, sustainable lifestyle changes. Over 12 Weeks I will help you get to your healthiest and develop a happy relationship with both your body, food and other key aspects of lifestyle.
Get clarity on what nutrition your body needs in terms of food and beyond. It's not about the goal but the system that leads to those goals. You can't change your life, to reach your goals in the same system that lead you here. Let's build new identity based habits to help change the world as you know it.


Lose between 10 & 20 Kg & learn the tools to keep this off for life.

What's Included?

Create Change You Never Thought Possible

Who do you want to become and how do you want to feel? These are the sort of questions we'll be asking. With our unique approach we'll work through your biggest problem areas right now, develop clarity and commitment to becoming the person you want to be.


You can expect a comprehensive plan to help you towards your goals. After an overview and review of your personal aims, challenges, approach and desired results the plan will delve deeper. It will include a personalised shopping list, with a breakdown of why each item features and what it can help you achieve, along with a few recipes to help get you started.


It will feature recommendations on everything from nutrients and portion size, to small lifestyle tweaks and hacks to help make things easier, as well as movement recommendations, based on your starting point and goals. It will also feature a simple and easy to follow example of how you can put these recommendations into action over the course of a week.

Amy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailored Nutrition Plans NZAmy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailore

Delicious Feedback

"The meal plans don’t require u to hunt out exotic ingredients or spend hours in the kitchen making it ideal when u have a busy life and kids to run around after!


The results are the proof that Amy approach works!! (6.5kg in 6.5 weeks) ."

Gretchin - 2021

Ready For Real Change?

Whether you're ready to start today or would just like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

Thanks for getting in touch. You're already made the first step!

Other Tailored Consultation & Plan Options

What's Included?

  • A Kick Off Holistic Nutrition Consultation

  • A Tailored Fitness & Nutrition Plan 

  • Personalised Recipe Booklet 

  • To help you incorporate new systems to make sustainable changes

  • Based on your personal experience, goals & lifestyle challenges

  • Up to 12 x 1:1 Consultation Sessions (Weekly, Fortnightly - Over The Phone, In Person or Walking Consultations)

  • On-Going Support & Accountability (Message or Whatsapp)

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