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How I Lost 12kg Without Dieting – And How You Can Too

How I Lost 12kg Without Dieting – And How You Can Too

After years of trial and error, I finally cracked the code to sustainable weight loss – and it wasn’t through stringent dieting. Let me share with you how I shed 12 kilograms and transformed my body and lifestyle, a journey that led me to create the Body Reset Transformation Programme.

So, How I Lost 12kg Without Dieting – And How You Can Too...

Admitting I Didn't Have All the Answers

My journey began with a crucial first step: admitting I didn’t know what I was doing. For years, I had clung to my own beliefs and methods, which clearly weren’t working. I battled with days of plain porridge oats, ‘healthy’ crackers, sushi, and eating only brown rice, cutting off fats from my meat – all to no avail. Letting go of my ego and having the humility to admit I was lost opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Slowing Down to Learn

I stopped the mad rush to 'get thin by Friday' and instead took time to educate myself about how to properly fuel my body. The shift in mindset was strange at first, especially when I started eating more protein, which felt unusually filling. Yet, this change led to the weight dropping off, breaking the cycle of restriction and binge eating that I had been trapped in for years.

Putting down the magazines and dialling into real experts in the fields of sport, nutrition and curing chronic diseases with real food was incredible. Picking up my university studies on the epidemiology of obesity and going on to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition proved a game changer, in being able to pass on these learnings.

Retraining My Body To Burn Fat Not Sugar

The game changer was retraining my body to burn fat instead of sugar. I reintroduced fats into my diet (a delightful hallelujah moment!) and cut down on processed carbohydrates that I had mistakenly thought were indispensable. This new approach kept my glucose levels steady, significantly reducing cravings for sweet foods.

Rethinking Exercise & Ditching Chronic Cardio

Another significant change was ditching excessive cardio for walking and some weight training. For years, I ran to burn calories and rewarded myself with large portions of pasta. Once I reduced the hardcore cardio, my cortisol levels dropped, and I felt more relaxed, no longer feeling the desperate need to refuel after intense workouts.

Our Programme Works Because It's Built With Real Life In Mind

It's About Enjoying Life MORE, Rather Than A Sense Of Restriction

My 15-year journey culminated in the Body Reset Transformation Programme, designed to help others enjoy life more, without the sense of restriction. The programme includes our signature plan, a shopping list, 3 to 12 weeks of effortless meals and movement tailored for you, a recipe book with over 30 easy recipes, and much more.

The Programme's Impact - 170+ & Counting

The programme offers quick, simple, and motivating results, imparting lifelong knowledge. Most clients see a change within the first week, saving them years of trial and error. The meals are easy, delicious, and filling, and the plan is flexible, providing more freedom in your lifestyle.

My Consultation With A Brand New Client Today

In one of my recent consultations, I discussed how a client's diet of muesli, yoghurt, sugar-laden protein bars, milkshakes, and white chocolate was keeping her on a sugar roller coaster.

I suggested starting her day with protein-rich bacon and eggs, which she thought was crazy indulgent. I advised snacks like ham and cheese to stabilise blood sugar and reduce cravings. I emphasised the importance of simple exercises like walking, not just for physical health but for mental well-being and setting a positive example for her family.

It's NOT about restriction and as soon as you ditch this mindset the better.

Why Does It Matter?

This journey isn’t just about losing weight; it’s about a fundamental shift in how you approach life. It's about stopping, learning, and embracing a new way of living that's fulfilling and sustainable. With over 170 clients affirming its success, I’m excited to share this journey with you and help you feel like YOU again.

Don't be shy. Ask me about my journey and how you can get there too!

Programmes you can start today - simply click 'Buy Now' and all the goodies get delivered to your inbox.

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