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7 Motivation & Energy Hacks For Autumn

7 Motivation & Energy Hacks For Autumn - Amy's Fitness & Nutrition
7 Motivation & Energy Hacks For Autumn - Pregnant or Not - It's a tough time of year!

7 Motivation & Energy Hacks For Autumn

Autumn…Are you feeling it?


Your initial reaction might be, “nah, I’m fine” but I’m finding that’s not really that case. The last couple of weeks I’ve been sleeping 9+ hours a night. I thought it was something to do with being 34 weeks pregnant.

But after chatting to lots of people I’ve realised it’s not pregnancy related at all. Most people I speak to are feeling this fatigue. One friend, who slept 11 ½ hours the other night reminded me this happens every year.

What Happens To Our Bodies In Autumn?


Feeling tired at the start of autumn is quite common and can be attributed to several biological and environmental factors. One key reason is the change in daylight exposure. As the days become shorter in autumn, there's a decrease in sunlight, which can significantly impact our circadian rhythms (internal body clocks) making us feel more tired.


Melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, is produced earlier in the evening during darker autumn nights, leading to increased sleepiness. In the morning, the continued darkness can maintain high levels of melatonin, making it harder to wake up and stay alert during the day.


Another clincher? The start of Autumn and a possible recession… chronic stress around interest rates, work being pulled, and the financial end of the year are all hitting us at once.


Dr Valter Longo famously advocates 5-day fasts at the equinox and I can totally see why. A fast not only helps the body reset, but to fast for 5 days you realistically need a mental break too. I would highly recommend this sort of protocol if we could all go and hide in a cave and do nothing but sleep for 5 days.

Sadly, the modern world doesn’t really allow for this sort of downtime. Beyond what’s out of our control, here are my top tips for feeling better.

So, 7 Motivation & Energy Hacks For Autumn...let's get into it!


1. Prioritise Protein and Healthy Fats

Increase your intake of high-quality protein sources like grass-fed meats, fish, and eggs. Healthy fats from sources like meat, avocados, nuts, and seeds are also crucial for sustained energy levels.

These will balance your energy levels throughout the day. Compared to the ups and downs you get with a carbohydrate-dependent way of eating.

2. Limit Processed Carbohydrates

Reduce intake of processed and refined carbs. These will give you high peaks and low energy troughs, which you want to avoid.

Seriously... if you want energy peaks and troughs on top of seasonal fatigue, eat the standard western diet of toast, cereal bars, sandwiches, crackers and fake health foods like flavoured yoghurt, rice cakes and sugary drinks. If you want to feel better, ask me what to eat instead.


3. Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. This becomes harder as the temperature cools off and dehydration can contribute to fatigue. I recommend 2-3 litres a day.

Making sure you drink half a litre or more when you first wake up can really help kick your body into action. Front loading your day with water helps take the pressure off having to remember to drink all the time, throughout the day.

Front-loading your morning with plenty of hydration also means you'll need to drink less in the evening. This means less getting up to pee in the middle of the night and thus better sleep. Winner!

4. Get Adequate Sunlight

Get outside during daylight hours to boost vitamin D levels. If you can, getting out for a walk at lunchtime or in the afternoon, wherever you may be, is important.

Not only is it a great break for your brain but you’ll also get an energy hit from the Vitamin D in the sun. Something like this shouldn’t be a chore and should be enjoyable. It also adds steps to increase our daily movement.


5. Regular Physical Activity

I know it’s getting harder but keep it up. It will boost your mood, sleep quality and overall energy levels.

Exercising in the morning is brilliant for you. Not only because you are often fasted (haven’t eaten overnight), but it is also a great time to get out in nature and set your intentions for the day. Vitamin D from the sunshine, even when it is cloudy, particularly in the morning has a potent impact on energy levels.

It should be like a treat, something you do purely for yourself without being interrupted by screens, friends etc. But if they fancy joining you – great. Getting exercise done before breakfast is gold – it ensures it happens before any other stresses have a chance to enter your day.


6. Sleep Hygiene

Your body NEEDS more sleep during this time. Put your screens away an hour earlier than usual, get into bed earlier and your morning self will thank you.

Try to limit screen time, particularly in the mornings and late at night (try to limit at least an hour before bed). A reduction in sleep from 8-6 hours can increase caloric consumption by up to 20% the next day as we feel tired and need energy.


The blue light from the screen is bad for our circadian rhythm (how our bodies regulate our wake and sleep cycles) and energy levels.


7. Manage Stress

It’s financial year-end, as well as Autumn! Work can be a tough place to be right now. Acknowledge your biggest stresses and remember, it’s all a season (quite literally). 

In moments of tiredness/ fatigue or stress, try to stop, think, bring yourself back to the moment and remind yourself although your body might feel tired a lot of this could be in your mind. Although we might think we feel one way, ultimately the only person who can change the way we feel is us. So, try and remember, that you are the only one that has the power to improve the way you feel just by thinking differently.


I know there is a hell of a lot more to anxiety, and depression than thinking more positively. The good news? Many report feeling more relaxed, more balanced and more in control of their energy levels and mood once they have made significant lifestyle changes. 

How To Put It All Together?

If you're struggling with it all, check out our Guides & Programmes that help give you structure around the FREE tools you can use to implement change.

They will help you build MORE motivation and energy...according to your feedback!

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