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FAQ: Is My Weight Gain Because My Metabolism Has Slowed Down?

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Well here is a harsh but exciting truth. Recent research shows our metabolism doesn't actually decline with age like we have been taught to believe...

What Has Changed?

We only have to watch children running from place to place, literally just for fun and compare that to our current movement as adults to get a clue.

It isn't in fact that our metabolism slowed down but that our entire lifestyle "slows down", changes and becomes a hell of a lot more adult like.

As an adult we often have to sit still to work, whether that be at a desk or in a truck. Modern technology means that we can achieve more with absolutely no movement than ever before.

Is It Just Movement?

It isn't just how we move our bodies that has changed of course. But the availability of hyper palatable processed food that we have easier access to than ever before.

At 33 I often have more energy (and less body fat) than I did in my early 20's - but unfortunately in today's world that doesn't often happen by accident.

Is It Reversible?

The good news is that our downregulated movement and feelings of sluggishness, that we put down to our metabolisms "slowing" with age, is totally reversable.

Increasing daily movement beyond a one hour workout (only 5% of your 24 hour day) can have a huge impact.

Many clients I work with start by blaming their busy schedule, a job, kids... you name it. Many are often only achieving around 3,000 steps per day. Many now regularly hit 15,000+. With 80% of fat burnt through our breath that's a radical change in body composition for most.

Some days when our boys (currently aged 10 & 13) has worn step trackers they hit over 20,000 without even considering what they've been up to.

Stop Blaming Your Metabolism

The important factor to realise is that it is certainly not your fault. The plethora of food, drinks, technology and lack of information means it is easier than ever to assume that there is some internal trickery at play.

But it's important to stop blaming the science and start considering the multiple lifestyle factors that actually go into building and regulating our metabolism and ultimately the way our bodies look feel and perform.

Where To Begin?

With a tailored fitness and nutrition plan you gain the tools and framework to change the way you look at your day, the world around you and a number of other lifestyle aspects.

You gain clarity and focus around daily movement and how to use it to build the body you want.

Ultimately, you gain the power to stop blaming and start taking control ✨

If you want to book in for a consultation to talk through aspects you might be missing. Drop me a line.

Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram at @amysfitnessandnutrition, drop me a message to 0272 650 350, or check out more at

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