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Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset
Transformation Programmes That Work

Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset are the magic trio.
Tried everything? Ditch the diets, yo-yoing and get real clarity.
Lose weight with real food, natural movement & upgrading your mindset.

Real Fitness & Nutrition

Ready For An Approach To Fitness Nutrition & Lifestyle That Will Change The Game?

We don't believe in following 'diets' that are unsustainable (and no fun) requiring excessive effort and sacrifice on your part.

We have Bitesize Guides and Body Reset Transformation Programmes that we know work.

We believe in getting you results quickly to keep motivation levels high, whilst simultaneously giving you a sustainable solution that will save you years of trying other things.

Our Guides & Programmes

Delicious Feedback

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Behind The (Kitchen) Scenes
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The Lifestyle Design Secrets Podcast

We are dedicated to providing you with as many free resources as possible. 

One of these resources is our Lifestyle Design Secrets podcast. 

With all 5 Star reviews we are in the Top 20 Health & Fitness Podcasts in New Zealand and teh feedback keeps on coming. Listen for yourself on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

We talk about Fitness, Nutrition, Mindset and a whole lot more!

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Our Guides & Programmes Save You Time
Getting You From Where You Are
To Where You Want To Be

Learn What Works, Feel Better Forever

Food can affect every facet of the way that we feel. It can make us feel energised, happy and focused or exhausted, drained and fatigued. Everything we put in our bodies goes into building us as people - our bodies, our mood and our ability to cope with life's challenges.

All the food we suggest is simple, natural, easy and delicious. Movement recommended will help improve your performance, amp your mood, increase your energy levels and actively change your body (and often mind).

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Your Body Is The One Place You Have to Live
It's Worth Looking After

Let Us Work With You, Your Team, Your Business
Or Your Publication

Health is your own individual journey and so a tailored approach can be important. 

Approaching this journey together with your team or as a company can seriously amplify your entire companies productivity and success. 

We also work with partners to provide insightful health and fitness articles and insights, reaching audiences across the country. 

If you're just ready to start your very own transformation, we have turned our years of learning into our Body Reset Transformation Programmes that you can work through on your own personal journey.

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Tailored Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Why Choose A Tailored Approach?

More than a fantastically fleeting fad diet... The personal touch, tailored nutrition and a holistic approach will provide a way to make successful and sustainable lifestyle changes that could hopefully last a lifetime.


Each Session Is Tailored To Your Team Needs

Make workplace wellness a priority and let me take your team through some thought provoking game changers when it comes to mental clarity, injury prevention and fuelling your body for productivity.

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Amy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailored Nutrition Plans NZAmy's Fitness & Nutrition - Tailore


Unique Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Articles

As well as working with clients I write weekly and monthly columns for news publications as well as bespoke articles for businesses who want to incorporate a health dialogue into what they offer. Get in touch for a chat about what you need.

Download Our Guides & Programmes 

Lose Weight With A Proven Self-Driven Programme

We have used our years experience of 1:1 clients to build a Body Reset Transformation Programme that we know works. Tried and tested by plenty before you, you can rest assured the results will come. Quick results keep motivation levels high. Delicious food and flexibility mean no sacrifices like you're used to with 'diets' that don't last. Shop our bitesize guides & programmes.



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