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Recipe Guide eBook

Recipe Guide eBook

Our Recipe Guide eBook is the perfect companion for any fat loss journey. It features real food recipes that are easy to make, using just 3-5 ingredients. These are the same recipes our clients use to lose around 1kg a week whilst also feeding their families delicious meals.


Easy, simple, trusted and delicious recipes to help you learn to love what you eat.


Ingredients are kept simple for the most part with most recipes including just 3-5 ingredients.


There are also more elaborate recipes for when you fancy cheffing up a storm, cooking for friends and family or entertaining.


If you think that changing your body and mind has to be difficult or restrictive think again.


These are recipes my clients have used to reset their beliefs around food and build a way of eating that they can happily sustain forever.


This is simply some inspiration to guide you to achieving your dream results, that we know are possible, without complicated recipes, restrictive eating, tiny portions or a life that requires endless sacrifice.


We have recipes to suit a range of dietary needs, including Paleo, gluten free and keto options.

  • What's Included?

    Build A Breakfast (Mix & Match)

    Savoury Breakfasts

    Sweet Breakfasts

    NEW Lazy Lunches




    & LOTS MORE!


Food For Thought

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