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Your Build A Breakfast For Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

Your Build A Breakfast For Fat Loss Cheat Sheet

Let's Dive Into The Science Of Breakfast

Over the last few decades 'breakfast' has become incredibly commercialised. So, let's get back to basics. In the 1970's the clever cookies at the Kellog's Cornflakes marketing department told us that 'breakfast was the most important meal of the day' and they weren't wrong...

What is wrong, is the idea that we should eat commercial cereals, washed down with a glass of orange juice as soon as we wake up in the morning.

So, my build a breakfast for fat loss cheat sheet...first let's get into why!

Intermittent Fasting & Breakfast

Fasting is not a dirty word. No you don't have to fast until midday. But I do encourage anyone who isn't hungry in the morning to question when they should 'break the fast'. Yes, that is literally where the word breakfast comes from.

Breakfast doesn't have to be at 7am before we've moved our bodies. Most people will be naturally burning fat at this point in the day. Consider pushing the meal that 'breaks your fast' by an hour or even 3 - until you are truly hungry.

The Best Breakfast Foods For Fat Burning

Now, what to break the fast with? Not cereal or toast. Please. We ideally want to keep our bodies in their natural state of fat burning, whilst feeding them some fuel for both our bodies and brains. How we do this? A really good portion of protein to regulate our hunger and satiety hormones, some naturally occurring fats (our body enjoys fat as a fuel source) and some veggies to fill us up (if we'd like)

Building A Breakfast

Eggs are a base for any breakfast. With the egg shortage recently and because I have been experimenting with my own ratios of protein/fat and what works for me, egg whites can also be a great option. I officially recommend whole eggs as the nutrient density that comes with them (including good cholesterol despite what you might have been told) is magic.

Eggs = 6g Protein, 5g Fat

Egg Whites = All Protein (so can be great to combine with fattier cuts of meat like streaky bacon, chorizo etc.)

2 Eggs = 12g of protein. Ideally we want at least 20-30g at each meal, depending on our body size and activity level. So, what's next?

High Protein Breakfasts - What To Add

If you like, why not simply eat 3-4 eggs instead of just 2? 4 Eggs at around 60kcal a pop is still only a 240kcal breakfast. Don't be afraid to eat too many. But if you like some variety let's dive into some additional protein sources you can add:

Breakfast Protein

- Bacon (very culturally acceptable + delicious)

- Rindless Eye Bacon (2 pieces) = Around 13g protein, 6g Fat

- Streaky Bacon = more of a 50/50 ratio of protein to fat

- Salmon = totally depends on the brand but a similar ratio to streaky bacon

- Chorizo = slightly processed and salty but with tonnes of flavour

Lean Protein Sources

- Tuna - don't discount throwing 80g of tuna (15g of Protein) into an omelette or into egg cups

- Chicken - not the cultural norm but still delicious.

- Cottage Cheese - a great addition to make scrambled eggs creamier!

Breakfast Veggies

Not 100% essential, but adding veggies into egg cups, frittata or an omelette can be a great shout for adding nutrients into your first meal of the day. Again, don't be put off by what has been traditionally culturally acceptable to eat at breakfast.

My Recommendations:

- Spinach/Kale/Silver Beet

- Asparagus (when in season)

- Mushrooms

- Tomatoes

- Capsicum/Courgette/Broccoli - my favourites to throw in a frittata!

Do You Need Extra Fats?

This is a really interesting one. My advice, is always to be mindful and add fats as more of a condiment for flavour rather than a staple. If you cook with butter, use streaky bacon and throw half an avocado on there too, a stylish cafe breakfast can become quite high fat quite quickly. Consider this when you prepare your breakfast and consider how full you feel afterwards.

Breakfast Fats:

- Cooking with butter

- Streaky bacon/chorizo/cheese

- Avocado

- Fatty Fish

Go for gold with these delicious and natural options! Just be mindful of stacking all these together and also the quantities.

There you go, that's my guide to breakfasts. How you cook them? Totally up to you!

My favourite is a frittata or breakfast loaf that you can cook once and eat all week. It's a game changer for busy lives. Another great option is egg cups that you can grab 2-3 of and take with you on the go. If you have the luxury to cook at home, why not make it a proper breakfast plate or throw it all in an omelette? The choices are endless!

Tag @amysfitnessandnutrition in your creations on instagram! I can't wait to see them!

An excerpt from our Recipe Guide... check out the cheat sheet below!

If you need some real inspiration check out our Bite Size Guides & Programmes below.

Any questions on this topic, or if you would like to be a guest, please do let me know.

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