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The Ultimate Platter Board Hack: Make Your Own Flavoured Cheese

The Ultimate Platter Board Hack: Make Your Own Flavoured Cheese

In the world of cheese platters, flavoured cheeses are all the rage. From cranberry-infused delights to chilli-packed sensations, these cheeses add a burst of flavour to any gathering. But wait, before you reach for that expensive, additive-filled cheese in the supermarket, we've got an amazing hack for you: making your own flavoured cheeses! It's affordable, takes just about 10 minutes, and lets you become the flavour master of your cheese universe. Plus, you get to impress your guests with your culinary creativity!

The Bitter Truth About Store-Bought Flavored Cheeses

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, especially right before the festive season, but those store-bought flavoured cheeses can be a bit of a letdown. Often they come with a hefty price tag and are loaded with salt, sugar, oils, and those mysterious 'thickening gums' - not exactly what you're looking for in a cheese, right?

The Better Option: DIY Flavoured Cheese

Why spend $12 on a fancy cheese when you can easily make it yourself? It's super quick (just 5 minutes, though you might get carried away and end up making half a dozen flavours), and all it takes is another 10 minutes to chill in the fridge. Ready to become a cheese-flavouring pro? Here’s how you do it.

So, The Ultimate Platter Board Hack: Make Your Own Flavoured Cheese... let's get into it.

How to Make Your Own Flavoured Cheese

  1. Choose Your Base Cheese: Start with a big block of your favourite cheese. A milder cheese like Edam works great as a canvas for your flavour experiments.

  2. Get Your Mould Ready: Grab a rectangle baking mould. If you don't have one, they're super cheap and easy to find.

  3. Prep Your Cheese: Chop the cheese into small cubes for easier melting.

  4. Microwave or Double Boiler: Place the cheese cubes in a microwave-safe bowl (or use a double boiler if you're not a microwave fan).

  5. Add Your Flavors: Now the fun part – adding your flavours! Chop up your chosen ingredients and toss them in with the cheese.

  6. Melt and Mix: Melt the cheese and flavours together in the microwave for just under a minute (time may vary based on volume). This helps mix the flavours in.

  7. Mould It: Once mixed, transfer the cheese into your mould.

  8. Chill Time: Pop it in the fridge until it's firm again.

Got questions? Feel free to DM me!

Flavor Inspiration

  • 🍊 Christmas: Cranberry & Orange Citrus Zest

  • 🌱 Central Otago: Rosemary & Thyme

  • 🌶️ Spanish Hottie: Chorizo & Chilli

  • 🍕 Pizza (or Italian): Sundried Tomato & Basil

  • 🥒 Scott’s Pick: Curry & Pickle (trust me, it’s surprisingly good!)

  • 🧅 Frenchie: Caramelised Red Onion

Will You Give It a Try?

Creating your own flavoured cheese is not just a hack; it's an adventure in taste. Perfect for any party or just a fancy night in, these cheeses will have your guests asking for more. Plus, you get to say, "I made this!" So, who's ready to become a cheese-flavoring legend? Let’s get cheesy!

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