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The Lifestyle Design Secrets Podcast - Amy speaks to Paula Moore

We are absolutely dedicated to bringing you as much FREE INFORMATION as possible.

One way I really love to listen and learn is through podcasts, from people who live and breathe what they do.

The Lifestyle Design Secrets Podcast

So, we are bringing you a weekly podcast, where we have chats with friends, colleagues, clients and experts.

In The Lifestyle Design Secrets podcast we focus our conversations around fitness, nutrition & mindset. Based on real life experiences.

We'll be breaking down myths and cutting through the huge amount of noise in the fitness and weight loss world, to talk about the simple things that matter.

What's on the menu?

On The Menu each week:

- An Introductory Starter

- Insightful Main Course

- A Juicy Dessert To Takeaway

You'll get insights into navigating the world, our food environment, social changes & a whole lot more.

Ep.1 | Paula Moore Mindset Coach

In this episode I talk to Paula Moore - Mindset & Business Coach.

We talk about everything from improving your mindset, juicy university diet fails, the important of turning up for yourself, protecting your energy and a WHOLE LOT MORE.

We talk about business, having a willingness to commit to yourself and how Paula's health journey began.

Having been restricted and told certain foods would make her fat as a child, university saw food freedom back fire in a hilarious way....hello McFLurry's every night of the week!

Having tried a number of different diets, following friends and fads, Paula explains how she NOW handles in the ups and downs of (what will always be) an ongoing health journey.

Incredibly insightful insights to take away:

- The importance of protecting your energy

- How your environment can impact your behaviour

- Planning your food ahead of time

- Exercising for love not to undo your bad habits

- Changing the language around 'falling off the wagon' to 'recalibration'

Any questions on this topic, or if you would like to be a guest, please do let me know.

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