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Recession Health & Wellness Hacks

It’s a period of huge uncertainty as we are all poised and waiting to see what on earth happens to the interest rates and the economy next.

It is a really easy time to sink into stress, over eat and assume a feeling of hopelessness is the only way to be right now.

Conversely, times of stress like these are a crucial time to pause, work on yourself and your resilience.

If we can get through stressful times and actively work on ourselves, when the good times roll around life will feel blissful.

Be Mindful

During a recession the consumption of ‘demerit goods’ increases. Geeky economic jargon yes… but what that means in layman’s terms is that during times like these we are more likely to undervalue things that are good for us (healthy eating, investment in our health, nutrition and fitness) and we are more likely to place a higher value on what we perceive to be easy pleasures (booze, cigarettes, cheap thrills). Bear this in mind…

Put Yourself On An Information Diet

Scrolling social media, avidly watching the news and waiting for the next bad news to arrive is a recipe for stress to grow and take over. Put yourself on a seriously strict information diet. Chances are if you need to know something, the world will have a way of letting you know.

Look Forward

Whilst everyone else is busy worrying, now it when you can make real lasting change to your own psychology. Read books that you’re interested in, set goals for what you want to achieve. Rather than wallowing, you can start closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Career Hack

Some of the most successful people and businesses in the world were born out of adversity. It’s time to think outside the box rather than sit quietly. What new business idea, new role in your company or new way of working could you instigate? It’s those people who think with an air of innovation that will thrive, rather than just survive.

Food For Thought…

Can you feel yourself being dragged down into easy vices? Over consuming negative media? Wallowing in what might happen? Sitting still in a job you hate because you’re just ‘sitting tight’? Let me know!

For for Health Hacks, Tips & Recipes follow @amysfitnessandnutrition or drop me a line on 027 265 0350.

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