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Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Treats To LOVE

Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Treats To LOVE

Like love, some treats shouldn't be reserved just for Valentine's Day.

They're too good to be confined to a single day of the year! With only three ingredients, minimal prep time, and a whole lot of deliciousness, these snacks are perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're whipping them up for yourself, your significant other, or the kids, you don't need a reason to indulge. Let's dive into these simple yet delectable recipes that are as delightful to make as they are to eat.

So, Quick & Easy 3 Ingredient Treats To LOVE ... here are 2 recipes for the price of 1!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

These delightful treats strike a beautiful balance between the bitterness of dark chocolate and the natural sweetness of strawberries. Both ingredients are rich in polyphenols, making this snack a healthy choice. The fat in the dark chocolate also helps lower the blood sugar response from the strawberries, adding another plus to this tasty treat.


  1. Prepare the Strawberries: Start by removing the stalks from the strawberries. Slice each strawberry in half to form two heart shapes and lay them flat on a baking sheet.

  2. Melt the Chocolate: Take 50g (half a block) of Lindt 90% dark chocolate, break it into pieces, and place it in a small bowl. Melt it in the microwave for 1 minute on maximum power.

  3. Dip and Chill: Dip each strawberry half into the melted chocolate, ensuring a nice coating. Place them back on the baking sheet. Now, you have a choice: refrigerate them for a deliciously cool snack or freeze them if you're feeling impatient and fancy a frozen delight.

  4. Optional: add your favourite toppings while the chocolate is still wet! Cinnamon to lower blood sugar response or coconut to add a lamington-style twist.

Chocolate-Dipped Nut Butter Stuffed Dates

This recipe is a bit naughtier but equally irresistible. Dates, like all dried fruits, are high in natural sugars. However, the combination of dark chocolate and nut butter in this recipe cleverly balances the sweetness and blunts the blood sugar spike.


  1. Prepare the Dates: Pit the dates and slice them halfway down. Gently press them open to form heart shapes. Fill the crevices of each date with your favourite nut OR nut butter.

  2. Freeze and Melt: Place the stuffed dates in the freezer to cool and set. Meanwhile, melt more dark chocolate in the microwave as before.

  3. Dip, Set, and Enjoy: Once the dates are cool, dip them in the melted chocolate. Place them back on a baking sheet lined with paper and refrigerate or freeze them until the chocolate sets. Then, they're ready to be enjoyed!

  4. Top Tip: Similar to above - get creative with your toppings! Desiccated Coconut, cinnamon or freeze dried raspberries are a few of my favourites!

Will You Give Them a Go?

These recipes come with a warning: they are 100% addictive!

But that's part of their charm. They're simple, scrumptious, and perfect for any occasion – or no occasion at all. So why wait for Valentine's Day? Dive into these treats and enjoy a bite of bliss any day of the year.

P.S. Remember, it's all about balance and enjoying the little things in life, one delicious bite at a time.

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