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Lifestyle Design Secrets Ep.23 | Men's Health, Testosterone, Building Confidence & Energy In Men

Lifestyle Design Secrets Ep.23 | Men's Health, Testosterone, Building Confidence & Energy In Men

In this podcast episode, I interview Ian, the founder of a 100% natural supplement company that produces ‘Testo’ – a supplement to boost testosterone levels in men.

We discuss the decline of testosterone levels in men since the 80s and the lifestyle factors that contribute to it.

We debunk misconceptions about testosterone supplements and emphasize the importance of natural and high-quality supplements. Ian shares his personal experience with testosterone supplements and the benefits he has noticed.

We also explore the symptoms of low testosterone in men and the impact of stress, sedentary lifestyle, and technology on testosterone levels.

The conversation highlights the role of outdoor activities, morning routines, and proper nutrition in boosting testosterone levels.


Ian is keen to open up the discussion around Men’s Health and the benefits of bringing your testosterone back to a healthy baseline.

Men's Health, Testosterone, Building Confidence & Energy In Men... listen on Apple or Spotify.

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We talk about everything that Ian sees in men today.


  • What causes low testosterone?

  • How to spot it in the men around you?

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Natural ways to boost testosterone.

  • The part obesity has to play

  • The importance of lifting weights and moving your body


The importance of talking as a man. About things like stress, fatigue, lack of confidence, Erectile Dysfunction and more. You’d be surprised by the difference it can make and how many people might be going through a similar thing.


Following his discovery of a tumour on his prostate the company's next project is formulating a natural supplement to help with prostate health.

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Testosterone levels in men have been declining since the 80s due to various lifestyle factors.

Natural and high-quality supplements can help boost testosterone levels in men.

Symptoms of low testosterone include lack of confidence, lack of zest for life, erectile dysfunction, and inability to build muscle.

Outdoor activities, morning routines, and proper nutrition play a crucial role in boosting testosterone levels.




00:00 Introduction to Testosterone and Low Testosterone Levels

03:45 Misconceptions about Testosterone Supplements

05:14 Natural Supplements for Boosting Testosterone

06:06 Importance of Quality and Consistency in Supplements

08:20 Personal Experience with Testosterone Supplements

09:37 The Importance of Confidence and Self-Esteem

11:09 Symptoms of Low Testosterone in Men

14:30 The Impact of Stress and Sedentary Lifestyle on Testosterone Levels

16:11 The Role of Outdoor Activities in Boosting Testosterone

17:18 The Rise of Incels and the Impact of Technology on Testosterone Levels

19:09 The Comfort Crisis and the Decline of Physical Activity

21:03 Lifestyle Factors for Boosting Testosterone

22:48 The Importance of Morning Routines and Sunlight Exposure

24:01 The Challenges of Working from Home and Maintaining a Routine

25:23 The Role of Carbohydrates in Testosterone Levels

28:42 The Benefits of Red Meat and Protein Intake

30:45 The Protein Leverage Hypothesis and Overeating Carbohydrates

32:22 The Importance of Hydration and Water Intake

33:23 The Impact of Diet on Testosterone Levels


And lots more…


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