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More FM Interview - A Considered Approach To Christmas

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In this Radio Interview Joel from More FM quizzes me on what I have written (in the Central Otago News) about in regard to having a considered approach to Christmas. Whilst everyone around us takes on the 'write off' mentality that is so prevalent at this time of year, I am taking the time to coax my clients through one of the most challenging times of year for both our mental and physical health.

Despite work slowing down and whole days off, we seem to move less. We get so mentally exhausted our good habits (like a morning exercise routine) all get thrown out. One indulgent Christmas party to kick off December and most people well and truly throw the baby out with the bath water.

Well here's a thought... what if you didn't? What if December didn't have to be the write off that so many of us assume it is going to be? If you're still reading - it might be worth taking a listen.

Getting Intentional Around Christmas

Getting intentional around Christmas doesn't mean you have to miss out. It's just about remembering what your intentions were, prior to this crazy time of year tightening it's grip on your mental state.

Were you trying to lose weight?

Were you feeling stressed and trying to work it through?

Were you really enjoying your outdoor exercise as the days get warmer?

Did you want to increase your energy levels?

If any or all of these things are still true, why use December as an excuse to cancel using our habits for good and getting us closer to the place we'd like to be.

Keep Standing Up For Yourself

I can give you all the food tips you can imagine but the real issue around this season is how our geography and psychology changes. We are eating out more than ever, spending more time with friends and family, going out to events.

Worse than that - it is completely socially unacceptable to be seen to be on any form of 'diet' at this time of year. I don't advocate 'dieting' but do struggle when my clients who are eating an incredible balanced array of whole foods get asked if they are 'doing keto' or 'can you not eat that?'. They can eat whatever the hell they want... the difference is that they have the knowledge of how different foods make them feel and have the luxury of making informed choices.

This is a huge change from the norm for most people. We are more likely to throw caution to the wind surrounded by social pressures that wear us down. It also becomes culturally normal to say ‘screw it’ and go crazy. Remember - it’s way less socially acceptable to be healthy at this time of year. Remember, the only person that can help your cause this season is you.

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