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Your Story: Not Just Another Weight Loss Success Story - Escaping The Negative Body Image Trap

Your Story: A Negative Body Image Trap To A Nourishing Body Focus

Not another weight loss success story...but so much more.

You want a good weight loss success story? Well read this. You'll see the numbers really don't matter.

This incredible woman reached out in October last year. Her words say it far better than I could.


A few words to describe your experience:

Habit changing, eye opening, a true reality reset… game changer!

What are some of the key changes you have felt?

My habits and subconscious thoughts have flipped from a negative body image trap to a nourishing body focus.
Feeling stronger… in my mind and body.
I have the control back in my court and that choices are mine no matter what the situation.

Your Starting Weight (KG): 74

Your Current Weight (KG): 68

How quickly did you start to notice a change in your body, moods or feelings of confidence?

About a month in the changes started hitting, confidence, excited and lymphatic drainage dramatically improved. The true changes I noticed after we wrapped up the programme and I found the habits were formed into my day to day life.

What has been your key learning?

Habit changes, conscious of nourishing food choices when out and about. Adding in extra steps as and where I can

What would you now tell yourself a few months ago?

Get your act together. You never know where you can get in a few short months.

Would you go back to the way you were eating?


Did it feel harder or easiest than you thought it would be to make changes?

It was a harsh reality check how much work was ruling my life, it was a wake up call I didn’t expect but one I needed.

Is what you learnt flexible to your lifestyle?

100% it needed to happen to improve my lifestyle. I now have more balance, I’m up walking every morning and prioritising “me” time even if that’s doing the groceries, getting a load of washing sorted or watching a local sports game.

What would you say to someone, in a painful place, lacking knowledge or body confidence, but scared to try and change?

I truly trust Amy and the work we went through together has given me the confidence and created the space in my world to reflect, plan and also achieve a fee life changing goals. I’m in a place where food is nourishment, movement is a blessing and my relationships have strengthened. I have gained so much more than I expected working together 💕

What She Did

A Nutrition Consultation, followed by:

And she has gone on to make even more incredible changes after we finished working together.

I don't give you the fish, but rather teach you to fish, so that you can keep living, exactly as you want, for the rest of your life.

So incredibly stoked for this incredible young woman and I wish I had known what she knows when I was her age!

If you're unsure if a tailored programme is for you, get in touch to ask.

Or check our our Ready To Go Body Reset Transformation Programmes you can buy online below.

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