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50% of The World Will Be Obese In 12 Years - Ultra-Processed Foods: The Real Story

50% of The World Will Be Obese In 12 Years - Ultra-Processed Foods: The Real Story

We've entered a new 'age of eating,' where a significant portion of our daily calories comes from a novel set of substances known as ultra-processed foods.

These foods are industrially processed, designed to be addictive, and marketed with finesse. But do we really understand the havoc they're wreaking on our bodies? In this article, we'll delve into the health implications of an ultra-processed food diet and why it's time to make a change.

Do you think this bowl of cereal looks pretty good? Wrong. Cereal is ultra-processed and hyper-palatable. Crunchy flakes, dried fruit. This is a sugar bomb waiting to hit your blood stream. This is one of the most dangerous forms of ultra-processed food because many of them are masked as health foods.

Trust me... keep reading!

So, 50% of The World Will Be Obese In 12 Years - Ultra-Processed Foods: The Real Story - are you ready to hear more?

Why Are Ultra-Processed Foods A Problem?

Ultra-processed foods spell trouble for three crucial reasons:

1. Over-the-Top Palatability: These foods are engineered to be irresistibly tasty, often with their soft, sweet, or crunchy textures. This 'hyper-taste' factor can lead to excessive consumption, paving the way for weight gain and health problems.

2. Profit Over Well-Being: Food companies rake in substantial profits from these items. They spend fortunes on making these foods as addictive as possible, using focus groups for taste testing. Faster consumption means more sales and more money. This is why they come heavily branded, fostering brand loyalty.

3. Nutrient Stripped: Ultra-processed foods are often stripped of essential nutrients. They lack protein, amino acids (found in meat), or polyphenols (from fruits and veggies). The processing strips away natural colours and nutrients, leaving you with empty calories.

Below is the example of cheerios which helped build by teenage body... they have a 4 star health rating. Now check out the ingredient list below. Funny the front mentions wholegrains, vitamins and minerals... not the added sugar, colours or vegetable oil.

The Impact on Our Health

  1. Expanding Waistlines: The fallout of this diet is evident in our growing waistlines. The ease with which we overindulge in calorie-dense, nutrient-poor foods contributes to the obesity epidemic.

  2. A Blow to Our Brains: The latest research connects Alzheimer's and dementia to diet, dubbing it "type 3 diabetes." These foods can negatively affect cognitive function, underscoring the importance of their impact on long-term brain health.

  3. Mental Well-Being: Beyond physical health, these foods can exacerbate anxiety and depression. The refined ingredients can throw off our brain's neurotransmitter balance, impacting our mood and overall happiness.

The Way Forward

After studying the obesity epidemic and the relentless surge of ultra-processed food consumption, it's high time to take action.

As Chris Van Tulleken, author of "Ultra-Processed People: Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn't Food... and Why Can't We Stop?" warns, a whopping 75% of the world's calorie intake comes from just six companies.

The World Obesity Federation predicts that over 50% of the global population (over 4 billion people) will grapple with obesity in the next 12 years.

Now is the perfect moment to discover healthier eating habits. It's not about cutting out the foods you love but making choices that prioritise your well-being. Let's opt for real, unprocessed foods that nurture our bodies and safeguard our health.

In this new age, we can regain control over our health, one meal at a time. Remember, the journey to a healthier future begins with the choices you make today.

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