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Health Hack - The Last 3 Weeks Of The Year

How do you plan to spend them?

I am hearing a lot of chatter along the lines of “I just need to get through”, “it’s crazy busy”, “well the rest of the year is a write off”. Isn’t it interesting how just one simple holiday can completely change our psychology for the best part of a month?

Well… here is something to consider that you may not have considered before – it’s just a normal month. Yes, we get to enjoy some time off (awesome), but the crazy collective rush that everyone feels to get things done ‘before Christmas’ is mainly in our brains.

I want to challenge you to make this year different. Catch yourself when you find yourself jumping on the frenetic energy band wagon and stop. ‘Busy’ is just a state of mind. Writing off your health, fitness and sanity for the last three weeks of the year doesn’t have to happen.

Even avid gym bunnies throw themselves off course at this time of year because “screw it, it’s December”. But ask yourself, what could you do over the next 3 weeks to start 2023 feeling better than ever?

Here are a few hacks to get you through:

- Don’t jump on the frenetic energy bandwagon in conversations

- Remember it’s OK to say ‘no’ to events when you have too much on already

- Protect your energy and save it for the holiday, rather than being exhausted by the time you get there

- Acknowledge moments where you feel like giving in to food you don’t really like, another drink (or 3) and ask yourself whether you really want to

- Look out for yourself now and your friends and family will thank you come Christmas Day

Start relaxing now

But only in the ways that you want to. If you know that eating awful party food and giving up your usual exercise routine is going to make you feel worse in 3 weeks’ time ask yourself why?

Are you feeling confident in tackling the next three weeks?

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