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Designing A Healthy Environment: At Home, Work & On The Go

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Environment is everything. Did you know that your home environment, your workplace and even your commute can have a huge impact on your health?

Environment design is all about simplifying your day and your decisions. Who doesn't need a little more simplicity in their life?

Considering Your Environment

Think about the places that you spend the most time and consider how these spaces either contribute or move your further away from your goals.

The places you probably spend the most time are:

  • Your Home

  • Your Workplace

  • Your Vehicle

Your Home

Is your pantry full of treats that you know aren't aligned with your goals? Do you have a treat box that gives you a rush of excitement every time you pop it's lid? Do you have kids treats in the cupboard that you can't help but dive into? What about things that people have gifted you or left at your house over Christmas?

Is your wine on a shelf and chocolate front of and centre of your fridge, but the meat and salad really hard to get to? If so, you're actively making it more difficult for yourself to make good decisions. You don't need willpower, you need to make it easier.

It sounds cringe as hell but having a seriously good pantry, fridge and kitchen cupboard organisation session can bring seriously clarity to your mind and clear up any sloppy habitual 'go to's when you are feeling stressed and tired.

Clear space, clear mind.

Your Health & Your Workplace

A recent article by an obesity expert in The Times compared office cake to smoking. Stuff readers in New Zealand disagreed which is interesting given how many deaths are now caused by 'lifestyle' diseases linked to obesity.

Is your workplace one where the biscuits ALWAYS come out at 3pm? Or where Dora just loves to bake and you feel terrible if you don't try her latest creation.

What about Karen (yes, Karen) who will always question it when you don't give in and dig in to the office treats. "Are you on a diet?" - we all know those who like to yell this across the office. Office food pushers are some of the worst and their behaviours says everything about them and nothing about you.

Stop being held to ransom by your work colleagues and people who surround you. Your health is your own - and your body is the one place you have to live. It is your right to look after it.

Worse than food pushers - you might have bosses who limit your lunch break to 30 minutes in an eight hour day. Or scorn at anyone who goes out for a lunchtime walk. If your workplace isn't open to you getting fresh air and moving your body so that you can turn up for the afternoon more productive - ask how much they really know.

Nutrition & Your Vehicle

You might know that eating in the car isn't great for your health but you're 'always on the go' - I am totally guilty of this. The french paradox is fascinating - they can eat cheese and drink wine and not gain weight. Whereas we grab a 'healthy' sandwich, eat it in a rush on the way to a meeting and our waist just keeps growing?

Well, stress hormones cause us to store our food as fat, rather than be burnt as energy (simply put), whereas when we sit down and relax it is digested differently. So, consider this next time you grab a pie from the bakery... which brings me on to the next topic.

What are your favourite stops? Your guilty pleasure spots to stop off when you're in the car, either out on a road trip or just around town. The local cafe, pie shop (OK, we have some goodies)... the pub for some chips on the way home? Ask yourself whether these stops are really serving you and your goals.

Last but not least, do not underestimate the effect our environment can have on our health.

Tips? Pick one of these environments, that serves you least and start to unpack your behaviour in that environment and what's causing it.

If you want to book in for a consultation to talk through aspects you might be missing. Drop me a line.

Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram at @amysfitnessandnutrition, drop me a message to 0272 650 350, or check out more at


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