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The Split Second Hack That Will Change Your Decision Making Forever

5 Minute Abs 💁🏼‍♀️

Only kidding.

A better relationship with your body isn’t built in a 5 minute ab workout, a 28 minute gym class, or a 90 minute yoga session…
It’s built in a split second.

The split second you decide to…

Go f**k it:

  • “The pie shops right there”

  • “Another piece of chocolate won’t hurt”

  • “I thought about going for a walk…then….(insert excuse here)”

  • “Takeaway is just easier”

  • “I’m too tired to think of healthy options”

Is This You?

It’s in these split second decisions that your relationship with your body is made or broken.

It doesn’t mean making the sensible decision every time.

Or never diving head first into a cheese board.

It’s that niggling feeling when you do something you know doesn’t align with what you really want. On repeat.

Indulgences when we want them are incredibly healthy.

What is damaging is the habits, that you consistently repeat, that slowly but surely prove your current reality.

They prove that we really can’t do it.

Perhaps we’re just not good enough?

Perhaps we’re just always going to fail at this health thing.

The good news?

You get to choose.

And then you get to choose again.

Remember this post. Think about it this week.

If you make a decision you don’t like… choose differently tomorrow.

Get these split seconds right, the decisions will add up to minutes, the actions you take in these minutes will turn into hours.

Hours, days, weeks of good choices - that make you happy - can be fucking powerful 💪🏼

If you want to get to the bottom of the key mistakes you're making, get in touch.

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