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Low Carb Lasagne - Intrigued?

Delicious, Nutritious, Paleo, Low Carb, Keto and all the buzz words... this recipe is perfect for Autumn & Winter comfort food. But how? And I am sure many are asking - why?

Low Carb Lasagne - Why Bother?

I'm certainly not 'anti' carbs (as my friends will know I love beer ...and pizza) but many of us aren't moving as much as we used to. A number of my clients either barely hit 5,000 steps a day, or some smash a workout at the gym and then sit stationery for a large portion of the day.

Even the gym goers often fail to see results because their carbohydrate load across the day is the equivalent of around 45 teaspoons of sugar hitting their bloodstream. This level of carbohydrate consumption doesn't tend to suit our modern lifestyles.

For this reason I tend to focus on protein, healthy fats and veggies as a staple for most meals. But enough of the science - back to the recipe.A lot of my clients eat lasagne as a staple dish for dinner and find it hard to find something as equally as comforting without the carbohydrate hit the layers of pasta deliver. Enter lasagne sheets made with soy beans... yep. And you wouldn't even know.

Low Carb, Keto, Gluten Free Lasagne

As the days get shorter and the air cooler, this is one of my favourite recipes to cook. Packed with protein, delicious fats and vegetables it's a warming and comforting dinner.

If you're into buzzwords it's low carb, keto friendly, gluten free and full of natural whole foods - nothing artificial.

Beef mince (protein & fat) browned and fried up with garlic, onion, herbs, tomato paste and chopped tomatoes (veggies), is layered with the soy bean lasagne sheets (high protein, low carbohydrate) and cheeeeeeese (plenty of cheese).

For this recipe I've used mozzerella and ricotta - both these cheeses are relatively low in flavour mimicking béchamel sauce (usually consisting of flour, butter and milk).

This recipe is perfect for a family of 4 or for 2 big eaters... the two of us nearly finished it, but definitely didn't need to.

So, here we go...

Ingredients (Serves 2-4)

This makes 3 layers in the dish shown.

  • 400g Beef (or Quorn) Mince

  • Soy Bean Lasagne Sheets (30 in a pack and we used about 18)

  • 5+ Cloves of Garlic

  • Onion (White or Red)

  • Mozzarella (Grated if you're feeling lazy)

  • Ricotta (note no portion for cheese - I'll let you be the governor of that dependent on preference)

  • 1 Tin of Organic Chopped Tomatoes

  • 1 Tbsp Tomato Paste

  • Herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, Salt & Pepper

Preparation Method

  • Start by browning the mince to get the flavours flowing

  • Brown and cook the mince with the onion and herbs

  • Once the mince is browned add the tomato paste and chopped tomatoes

  • Once cooked, get our your favourite lasagne dish and get ready to layer up a storm

  • Start with a layer of mince (around a third of the mixture)

  • Layer 6 Soy Bean Lasagne Sheets to cover the mixture

  • Cover this in a thin layer of cheese

  • Repeat these last three steps 2 x more times (ensuring there is a cheesy layer on top to go brown in the oven).

  • Place in the oven on around 180 degrees celsius for 30 mins (time it takes the lasagne sheets to cook in the sauce) or until the top of the cheese starts to brown.

Serving Your Low Carb Lasagne

Now... if you are seriously watching your weight/ portion size, now is the time to get strict. I recommend serving up a portion equivalent to a quarter or third and locking the rest away in Tupperware for tomorrow... otherwise, I can confirm, the temptation to go back for more will get you. Speaking for a friend, of course 😉


Send in your pictures if you give it a try.

Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram at @amysfitnessandnutrition, drop me a message to 0272 650 350, or check out more at


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