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If You Treated Your Partner Like You Treat Your Body, Would They Stick Around?

A Genuine Question...

If you were in a relationship with your body, would you stick around?

A Magic Metaphor

Are you encouraging, loving and kind? Do you do things that you know it'll love without it even asking?

Or are you mean, cruel...savage even?

Do you treat it with respect or disdain? Do you want to actively build it up and make it feel amazing? Or tell it it's full of crap and needs to do better.

Would you speak to your partner the same way you speak to your own reflection in the mirror?

Spoiler alert: you are in a relationship with your body.

In fact, it's arguably the biggest, best and most important relationship you'll ever have.

It's a marriage you can't escape with divorce papers.

Here's A Story For You

We all like to think we're pretty good at relationships right? Or dating? Who wouldn't want to go on a date with us? Well... here's a story for you.

At university and throughout my 20's I never really felt good enough for the guys I liked. I wasn't quite sure what I was doing wrong at the time. But hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I was shocking at looking after myself... and my body. And I mean shocking. Unfit, overweight and I was vocal about it. I was outwardly and publicly treating my body like absolute trash. I was treating myself like a one night stand. Instant gratification - hell yeah. Party? I'm in. Curry? Sure. Hungover pizza? Sign me up. Gym...mmm no thanks. Seems like a bit of a commitment.

It goes without saying, watching someone treat themselves like trash, isn't the most attractive trait in a partner. If they treat themselves like trash...what are they going to do to you?

How To Fix Your Relationship With Your Body

Through a series of realisations, I figured out the the girls (and guys) I admired were doing something different. They took more time out. They were all into this weird 'health and fitness' thing. They looked hot ...and more importantly they looked happy in their own skin. Bloody unicorns.

Years on, after a considerable health and fitness 'journey' of my own, I can safely say I feel a little differently. I bloody love my body and the things it's capable of.

Treat Your Body, Like You Would Your Marriage

With a bit of education I've learned a few things. I get to eat deliciously healthy food. I get to go on amazing hikes. I get to go to the gym. These use to be things I felt I HAD to do as punishment. Changing these things has been a game changer.

I wanted to (and still do) make my relationship with body something I was proud of. The way I treat my body is the same way I treat my (now) husband. With a huge amount of respect, love and with a view of doing everything I can to make it's years on this planet the best they can be.

Looking after yourself shows care. It shows understanding. And it makes you turn up as a better 'partner' in relationships, friendships and business. A lack of care for yourself and your body does quite the opposite.

Food For Thought

But stay tuned for another article on why we find fit people attractive... it'll be a goodie!

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