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7 Hacks for Saving Money on Food & Fitness

Updated: Jul 5

7 Hacks for Saving Money on Food & Fitness

It’s the Winter of 2024 as I write this. We all know times are tough. The weekly food shop feels like it costs an arm and a leg, and let’s not even start on mortgages 🫣.

It’s hard to justify spending on health and fitness when groceries alone seem to drain our wallets.

Interestingly, during tough economic times, our weight tends to go up. Stress and uncertainty often lead us to seek comfort in food, and a scarcity mindset can make us overeat whenever we get the chance. It's our body's natural response to the fear of not having enough.

So, here are a few hacks I use to save money and feel better at the same time:

1. Cook Once, Eat All Week: Whip up a big frittata or breakfast bake and you’re set for the week. It’s way cheaper than grabbing a muffin or slice from a cafe every day. Plus, fewer trips to the cafe/supermarket mean less temptation to splurge on extra coffees and treats.

2. Shop Secondhand for Fitness Gear: New workout clothes are super motivating, especially when your body is changing. I score most of my P.E. Nation and Lululemon pieces secondhand on Designer Wardrobe or Recycle Boutique for a fraction of the price.

3. Sell Unused Clothes: I use the same apps to sell clothes I don’t wear anymore. It’s easier to embrace a changing body and lifestyle when you’re ready to let go (literally) of your old identity. Plus, making a bit of extra cash is a bonus.

4. Coconut Oil for Everything: This stuff is a lifesaver! It’s a fantastic makeup remover (use a cotton muslin cloth - having bought a pack of 8 for the baby), moisturiser, cooking oil, and baby care product. Forget about needing a million different fancy products.

5. Get Crafty with Cooking: I buy beef bones from the supermarket (usually $3-4) and use my slow cooker to make slow-cooked meat snacks, bone broth (just add veggies for a delicious, collagen-packed soup), and I even skim the fat off to cook with.

6. Preserve Overripe Fruit: Don’t throw out fruit that’s about to go bad. Stew it and freeze it for crumbles, baby food, or apple sauce for pork dishes. Waste not, want not!

7. Exercise for Free: I love the gym, but with a baby and a tight budget, I’ve turned to free YouTube workouts and walking. Moving your body doesn’t have to cost a thing.

These tips help me save money while staying healthy.

What about you? What are your favorite hacks for staying fit on a budget?

What am I missing? Let me know!

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