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Your Story: At 46, feeling the leanest, strongest and fittest since before I had children

How a busy mum & teacher lost 8kgs & transformed her confidence

Your Story: At 46, feeling the leanest, strongest and fittest since before I had children

"At 46, feeling the leanest, strongest and fittest since before I had children" And she wants you to know her story - let's get into what this busy Mom of three and teacher had to say about the last 12 weeks.

I love this woman because her story is so raw and honest. She struggles with everything that we all do - balancing work, children our health and everything else! And I reckon her story says it all...

A few words to describe your experience:

A whole different outlook on life and enjoying food that is nutritious and yummy.

What are some of the key changes you have felt?

Apart from weight loss, I have a better understanding of how important protein and healthy fats and oils play an important part in nutrition and fueling my body properly. My clothes fit better and my skin is the best it's been in a long time.

Your Starting Weight (KG) If Relevant:


Your Current Weight (KG) If Relevant:


How quickly did you start to notice a change in your body, moods or feelings of confidence?

After two weeks I could feel a difference in the way my clothes fit, I went down a bra size a month in and my skin started looking better almost immediately.

What has been your key learning?

The role protein has in sustaining me, particularly lots, and early in the day. How easy it is to curb the sugar cravings when satiated with protein and 'good' fats and oils.
Also, when you see and feel the overall health benefits how motivating it is to keep going on the well-being journey.

What would you now tell yourself a few months ago?

How hugely detrimental sugar is to both mind and body. I am a lot calmer and more level since cutting sugar from my diet.
Not completely, but very occasionally and even then I find it easy to not want to eat the cake, chocolate, dessert etc because I don't really like the way it makes it makes me feel.

Would you go back to the way you were eating?


Is life now harder or easier than staying where you were?

Way easier! Feeling the best I have felt in a very long time.

What would you say to someone, in a painful place, lacking knowledge or body confidence, but scared to try and change?

I found I was giving myself permission to sit in my weight gain and put it down to being perimenopausal yet I refused to go up a size in clothing.
I was on a bit of a rollercoaster with eating what I perceived as healthy (often carrot sticks and hummus, muesli and yogurt, lots of fruit etc) only to binge on sugar and highly processed foods later, as it wasn't enough to sustain me.
I also suffered regularly from bad headaches. I knew I had to do something as I hated the way I felt.
Amy is hugely supportive with lots of tips, encouragement and feedback at any stage. I have had to re-learn how to eat to fuel my body properly, which often meant eating more than I ever have.
The best money I have invested in myself and at 46, feeling the leanest, strongest and fittest since before I had children. The best part, headaches are almost non-existent.

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She started in the last school holidays and is where she is now...

What could you do with your next School term?

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