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Your Fat Loss Story | Losing 17kg & How It Feels

Your Fat Loss Story....

Sharing Your Experiences

Your Fat Loss Story. We are eternally grateful for our clients who are willing to share their experience. Your health is a private journey. We're more discreet than most, which is why you won't see our social media feeds filled with before and after photos of clients.

When it comes down to it, many of you WANT to share your experience, when you know what's possible. You know the painful place you were in and what an empowering experience it is to change your current reality.

The Background Story

So, to give you a little background, without naming names. This chap is a 32 year old builder, with a back injury.

Hitting the gym hard... in fact exercise of any kind was not an option. He also wanted to lose weight FAST ahead of surgery. So, rather than sticking to my official plan, where you lose around 1kg/week, he pushed the boat out.

Why Did He Want To Lose Weight?

Rather than simply for vanity, losing weight would give him a much better chance of a better recovery post surgery. The confidence that came from clothes feeling bigger...just a bonus.

This journey was an emotional one. Being in your early 30's and feeling unable to look after your young family as best you can is not a nice place to be.

The key feeling that he described that has stuck with me..... a feeling of relief.

How Did He Do It?

He stuck to the principles in the plan and throughout our weekly sessions we discussed experiments with fasting (amongst other tactics, mindset work and more).

We discussed whether it was an actual fat loss tactic to eat 2 x eggs, a steak, cottage and hot sauce for lunch most days. Curious? Read on....

Ready? Read His Very Honest Story

A few words to describe your experience:

Life changing

What are some of the key changes you have felt?:

Sugar cravings have all but disappeared. Comfort eating has pretty much diminished.

Your Starting Weight (KG): 115
Your Current Weight (KG): 98

How quickly did you start to notice a change in your body, moods or feelings of confidence?

Week 1

What has been your key learning?

I have the self control when I need to

Would you go back to the way you were eating?

Yes. But with knowledge that I can control and manage it comfortably

Did it feel harder or easier than you thought it would be to make changes?


Is what you learnt flexible to your lifestyle?

Yes. Budgeting will be the main concern

What would you say to someone, in a painful place, lacking knowledge or body confidence, but scared to try and change?

Talk. Talk to people in the know. Ask question after question. Once you have someone in your corner, the accountability kicks in and the decisions become easier. Even if the process is still difficult.

This chap undertook a 12 Week Tailored Fitness & Nutrition Plan. Which uses our Body Reset Transformation Programme, tailored to your needs, combined with weekly 1:1 sessions for accountability and ongoing education.

Any questions on this topic, feel free to let me know.

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