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Why Your Dream Body Won't Come With Compliments

Why Your Dream Body Won't Come With Compliments

Reaching your dream body is an extraordinary journey filled with highs. You might be picturing the compliments flooding in. You might be imagining yourself in a new pair of togs, a dress that you loved to wear years ago. You might be imagining the social media likes and comments coming flooding in, or a compliment from an old flame that gives you goosebumps. So, Why Your Dream Body Won't Come With we go!

What I want you to take from this article is that your real 'why' for improving both your health and appearance needs to come from within. I definitely receive more critical comments than compliments.

The path to transformation can be both empowering and challenging, especially when you realise that the reactions of your friends and family aren't always what you expect.

It's a paradox that calls for understanding, self-empowerment, and the reminder that your motivations should always come from within.

Transforming for Yourself, Not for Others

Your journey toward your dream body is deeply personal. It's about your growth, well-being, and happiness. Your reasons for transformation should be born from your inner desires, not external validation. You're on this path because you want to feel more confident and content with yourself.

But, as I've discovered on my own journey, this transformation isn't always met with applause. In fact, I've found that criticism often outweighs praise when I started respecting what I put into my body. It's not the norm in today's society.

It's a sentiment echoed by body image expert, Dr. Emily Roberts, who says, "Change often brings discomfort, and not everyone will be comfortable with the new you. It can be challenging for them to adjust to your new sense of self."

Healthy Isn't Normal

Most people can name brands like McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Cadbury, but ask them to cook a steak, and they might draw a blank. Kids believe that chicken nuggets materialise in the supermarket with no inkling of the animal's origin, welfare, or dietary habits. Many adults are clueless about whether fruit and veggies grow on trees or in the ground.

Are You Truly Ready To Be An Outlier?

In New Zealand, the average size is a 16, and being a size 8 makes you an outlier. Some people resent that, feeling like it's an unattainable goal for them. 60% of people are now either overweight or obese. If your friends and family are a reflection of the norm, serious change could illicit some funny feelings for them.

You'll Make Others Feel Uncomfortable

During your transformation, you might face criticism that stings a little. However, your newfound self-esteem should give you the strength to take a cue from Taylor Swift and simply "shake it off."

The reality is, that when you change your body and your beliefs, it can make others uncomfortable because you become a symbol of what they covet but feel unable to achieve. Just the other day, a friend lovingly called me a 'skeletal athlete boss,' but it reiterates the message: what makes you feel good may not elicit the reaction you expect from others.

Dr. Elizabeth Price, a psychologist specializing in self-development, emphasizes the importance of understanding that not everyone will immediately embrace your newfound confidence. "Your transformation might remind them of their own unmet goals, which can be unsettling," she adds.

Mindfulness and Empathy

When you're the one making positive changes, others may feel left behind. Be mindful of this feeling and understand that not everyone will immediately embrace your newfound confidence.

They may not understand your journey. Bear in mind that you may also be acting like an incredibly harsh mirror, reflecting back to them the changes that they wish they could make themselves. Don't assume criticism is coming from a place of critique, and instead be mindful that it could be coming from a place of inner longing.

Author and motivational speaker, James Larkin, encourages individuals to be understanding of those who might not readily accept your transformation. "Empathy and kindness go a long way in navigating these waters. Remember that your journey is about you, but it can also inspire others to start their own path."

Staying In Your Lane

Regardless of any reactions or criticism, stay true to your path. The people who love you will be right there with you, cheering you on.

In conclusion, your dream body may not bring the compliments you expected from your loved ones, but that's okay. Your transformation is about your own growth and happiness.

Remember, change takes time, and your unwavering commitment to self-improvement is something to be admired.

So, be your own cheerleader, shake off the criticism, and keep moving forward in your own lane. The people who truly love you will be right there with you on this empowering journey.

As nutritionist and wellness coach, David Clarke, wisely reminds us, "Your journey to better health isn't just about your body; it's about your mind, your heart, and your spirit. The love and support from those who matter most will follow."

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