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What Has COVID Done To Us?

The stats are in…what has a two years of covid and lockdowns done to us. I'll give you a clue - continuous dog walks haven't helped the whole nation.

Obesity rates have increased from 31% to 35%… in a year. Nearly 5% more of us have entered the category of our weight significantly impacting our health. This means the likelihood of diabetes and a plethora of other diseases and mental illnesses increases significantly. The rate of children who are overweight or obese also continues to increase, with our young girls being worst affected.

Within New Zealand our social economic situation (how ‘well off’ we are) significantly impacts our likelihood of being affected. There are tonnes of cultural intricacies but with everyone facing the reality of inflation we are all about to feel a bit of a pinch. The trick is going to be making sure that’s not around our waist as we battle to squeeze into our jeans.

Veggies are going up in price whilst the price of global junk food brands remain relatively similar which doesn’t help our cause.

Hacks to beat both rising costs and obesity...

Cook more meals at home

So painfully simple but so effective. Not only will you avoid added salt and sugar but you’ll save $60+ dollars on takeaway or even more eating out.

Make it fun

Especially for kids “homemade….insert favourite restaurant name here” can be a really fun draw card to get the kids on board.

Walk don’t drive

Walking to a meeting or to get a coffee with not only save you fuel (if you haven’t moaned about the price of fuel yet well done) 😉 you’ll also clock up steps and up your calorie burn for the day. Staving off obesity in more ways than I can explain in a short article.

What do your reckon? Are you feeling the pinch on your wallet or waist or both? And how are you handling it?

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