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The 24-Hour Mindset Health Hack You Need

The 24-Hour Mindset Health Hack You Need

The 24 Hour Body Transformation You Can Make Today

What if you were told that you could have $100 now or $200 tomorrow - would you wait?

What if you got told you could wake up tomorrow …in 24 hours with your dream body and life?

What if you could simply wake up tomorrow having done an epic workout, having eaten awesome food, gone to bed at 9pm and feeling on top of the world?

Well… it’s actually totally within your power.

What if you repeated this “how will I feel tomorrow?” philosophy not just for 24 hours but for 24 days… 24 weeks or even 24 months.

Would you feel differently to how you feel now? The 24-Hour Mindset Health Hack You Need - Let’s dive in…

Hacking Your Monkey Brain

In a world of instant gratification and impulsive decision-making, the idea of prioritising long-term thinking might just be the compass we need to navigate the complex landscape of life.

Chris Williamson - host of the Modern Wisdom podcast is a huge advocate of this philosophy. Let's explore the concept of the "24-Hour-You" and delve into similar philosophies and inspiring quotes that encourage us to consider our "future" selves in our present actions.

Could Long-Term Thinking Be the Secret Answer You've Been Looking For?

Gifting You Tomorrow: A Glimpse into Long-Term Thinking

And a way to shake off modern pulls, quick fixes and instant gratification...

One of the most valuable questions we can pose to ourselves for any decision in life is, "What would you tomorrow want you today to do?"

We are confronted by over 200 food decisions in a day. This is according to the National Institute for the Application of Behavioural Medicine - Others estimate it could be much higher.

When we are tired, stressed, over hungry and under-nourished we tend to reach for the quickest, most available, high calorie foods we can find.

Perspective On The Moment

It provides us with a perspective that transcends the immediate moment and the impulsive urges that often cloud our judgment.

By asking this question, it gives us the space to detach from the very real feelings we're feeling. The chemical signals that course through our bodies, our hormones, our feelings of scarcity (I need more and now) and laziness (our innate want to conserve energy).

Considering ourselves tomorrow and what we WISH we had done the day before (right now) leaves us compelled to detach from the chemical signals coursing through our bodies, which can sometimes lead us astray.

It's a reminder to treat ourselves as a friend, loved one or child, for whom we are responsible for helping. Would you encourage your child to stay up late, eat the extra ice cream or drink 8 gin & tonics? Probably not.

Choosing Long-Term Gains Over Short-Term Gratification

The true essence of the 24-Hour-You philosophy, or as I like to call it "gifting your future self" lies in its ability to depersonalise our decisions.

It prompts us to realise that these choices aren't made for our present selves but for the versions of us that will exist in 24 hours, 24 days, and 24 months. We are often able to be kinder to the person we picture - our future selves - than we are to ourselves in the moment.

Our decisions, in essence, are investments into our future.

Those smart cookies who are open-minded and take the time to meditate on the thoughts we make in life, find it a key life skill to be able to prioritise the future over the present.

It's a key aspect of being fit right? You don't go to the gym once and walk out with biceps. You don't eat one salad and suddenly have abs.

Opting for short-term pleasure (indulgence) at the expense of our long-term well-being isn't often a clever thing to do. The consequences of our choices linger much longer in our lives than you might believe, shaping the narrative of our lives. If we considered the 24-hour implications of the 8th jager bomb... or the 24-day implications of a daily doughnut - I wonder how many would still say yes?

It encourages us to act in ways that our future selves would thank us for. After all, it's challenging to imagine a decision that would worsen with the wisdom of hindsight.

So, let's extend a hand of kindness to your future self

They are the ones who will ultimately bear the consequences of the choices we make today. In a world that often prioritises instant gratification, a shift towards long-term thinking can be the answer we've been seeking all along.

Embracing Similar Philosophies

The 24-Hour-You philosophy finds resonance with other similar schools of thought and inspiring quotes that champion the cause of long-term thinking:

The Stoic Philosophy: The Stoics advocate for rationality and self-control, encouraging individuals to make decisions based on what is virtuous and morally right, rather than what provides momentary pleasure.

Warren Buffett's Wisdom: The renowned investor Warren Buffett emphasizes the importance of investing for the long term, stating, "The stock market is designed to transfer money from the Active to the Patient."

Ralph Waldo Emerson's Insight: Emerson reminds us of the enduring impact of our actions with the words, "Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny."

How Can You Make A Difference To You Tomorrow?

Incorporating these philosophies and quotes into our lives can provide us with the necessary tools to embrace long-term thinking and make decisions that resonate positively with our future selves.

In a world that often lures us towards instant gratification, the concept of the 24-Hour-You and similar philosophies offer a refreshing perspective.

They encourage us to make choices that stand the test of time, benefiting not only our present but our future selves as well. So, when faced with a decision, remember to ask, "What would you tomorrow want you today to do?"

Choose wisely; your 24-Hour-You (or your future self) is counting on you.

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