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Holiday Health Hacks

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Christmas, especially in New Zealand, is an incredible time of year. It’s also a minefield for many people trying to keep their health in full focus.

Enter the holiday period with intentions

Rather than ignoring that it’s coming and powering through until that last day of work, through a barrage of Christmas parties, BBQ’s and celebrations, now is the time to set some intentions for how you’d like your Christmas Holidays to go. Without wishing away the present, it’s now we should consider how we are going to feel, rolling into 2023.

Could you start the New Year feeling better than you do now?

Whether it’s those New Year’s intentions from last year that fell away in February, or a desire to really start the new year feeling as good as can be, it’s not too late to arrive in 2023 looking and feeling better than you have in years. Let’s be honest… after the last few years we’ve had it might not be hard.

Don’t wait until the new year.

Set some intentions today. Not next week, not Monday, today. Think what you can put in place in the coming days, over the weekend and next week to get you towards where you want to be. Remove the constructs of Christmas being a ‘write off’ and New Year being the time to start. You’ll never get today, this week or 2022 ever again, so make it count.

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