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Do New Zealand's Nutritional Guidelines Need To Change?

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Maybe a controversial topic. With the latest stats on adults dietary habits now in, there are some scary trends appearing.

I am no dietician, but with years of experience in the field and deeps dives of study into holistic nutrition, the epidemiology of obesity and food security, I find their guidelines pretty concerning.

So, what are the stats?

"More than two in five adults (42.7 percent) considered they were overweight."

"Overall, nearly half (46.6 percent) of women and around one in three men (34.9 percent) reported trying to lose weight."

"34% of adults and 13% of children in New Zealand were obese"

Interesting eh...

Over at the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation. A trusted source surely? They give you advice on what to eat...

"Include carbohydrate-containing foods, such as bread, pasta, or rice, at every meal, to provide a constant source of energy."

"RDA for protein for women - 46g"

"Reduce ‘unhealthy’ saturated and trans fats (fatty meat)"

Interesting that when my clients come to me, they are generally eating the equivalent of 45 tsp of sugar worth of carbohydrates, severely under eating protein and often fat.

When I work with them to reduce their carbohydrate consumption, increase their protein and fat intake, most lose weight, report better energy, better mood, reduced name it. The devils work if you believe what the nutrition foundation recommend... whoops!

The mind boggles that whilst the health industry booms and respected leaders in the industry are advocating;

- Reducing carbohydrates consumption as people are moving less

- Eating more protein for our health, hormones and satiety

- Eating more natural fat, like the fat on meat

That respected sources in New Zealand (and many countries worldwide) are still continuing to advocate eating more carbohydrates, less protein and less fat.

What are your sources for knowledge on nutrition? Do you trust the mainstream (government) guidelines? Or do you look elsewhere for your information?

If anyone reading this can explain that method in the (seeming) madness I would love to know.

Sources & Additional Reading:

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