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Debunking My Diet Myths: What People Think I Eat Vs. What I Actually Eat

Debunking My Diet Myths: What People Think I Eat Vs. What I Actually Eat

The Stereotypical Nutrition Expert Diet

When envisioning the diet of someone in the nutrition field, there's a common stereotype that revolves around very specific 'health' foods.

So...Debunking My Diet Myths: What People Think I Eat Vs. What I Actually Eat

People often imagine that my daily intake includes:

  • Oat milk lattes

  • Granola

  • Plant-based yoghurt

  • Homemade smoothies

  • Bliss balls

  • A plethora of "healthy whole grains"

This image conjures up a lifestyle of strict adherence to a diet that's high in trend-driven health foods and low in anything truly healthy.

It's all bollocks to be honest. Stripping the fibre out of oats so that you're left with sugary water. Blending fruit so that a blender does the work that you are meant to be doing...chewing, swallowing and digesting. It's processed food, marketed as 'healthy' options.

What I Actually Avoid

The reality of my diet may come as a surprise.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many items on that stereotypical list that I never consume:

  • Oat milk

  • Granola

  • Cereal bars

  • Plant-based yoghurt

  • Smoothies

  • Bliss balls (shop bought I should add...)

  • "Healthy" whole grains

Buy why? As mentioned above, these options are mostly sugar, fat and carbohydrate-filled processed foods. These are what I generally try to avoid. Check out this label for plant-based yoghurt from 'The Collective' - in my opinion one of the worst brands for brilliant marketing and terrible nutrition!

What I Eat Most Of The Time

I probably eat more eggs than you would believe and more steak than any bloke you know and I'm not ashamed of it one bit.

  • Eggs

  • Meat

  • Fish

  • Whole Fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Coffee

  • Water

Add to this list nuts, seeds, 95% dark chocolate and that's pretty much it... sound awful? I don't reckon. But it certainly breaks convention.

My Real Indulgences

So, what do I actually enjoy when I feel like indulging? My list might seem unconventional for a nutrition expert, but here it is:

  • A cold beer or a glass of wine

  • A slice of good pizza

  • Ice cream, especially in an affogato

  • Freshly baked, epic bread

  • Home baking

These are the treats that I love. I don't believe in restriction one bit!

I believe in eating well the majority of the time, so that I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Genuinely! Anyone who knows the real me will know I never say 'no' to a glass of wine, an incredible pizza or homemade cake. Life is too short.

But in order to give myself the luxury of saying 'yes' whenever the mood takes me, I've done the work to learn what works. You can too!! And many of you have.

The Power of Real Food

The key takeaway from my dietary habits is the emphasis on real, unprocessed food.

In a world where many foods are cleverly marketed as 'healthy' but are actually heavily processed, learning to choose real food is crucial for health.

If you don't get this crucial point you'll find yourself trying and failing on repeat.

The Processed Health Food Dilemma

Many people, despite their best efforts, find themselves consuming mostly processed foods that are labelled as healthy. This is a significant issue in modern diets, where the appearance of healthiness often masks the reality of high processing.

Embracing Real, Wholesome Foods

What's important is understanding the value of real, wholesome food. It's not just about avoiding processed items but about enjoying and appreciating the quality and flavours of natural, less tampered-with ingredients.


As a nutrition expert, my diet isn't a strict adherence to the latest health food trends.

Instead, it's a realistic, balanced approach that includes occasional indulgences in real, unprocessed delights.

Learning to appreciate and choose real food over processed alternatives is a fundamental aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, something that goes beyond conventional diet stereotypes.

For this reason our programme focuses on real food. Like truly real food. No bars, no shakes, no cereal... it's breaking the mould and it works.

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