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Central Otago Cherry Wreath Dessert Platter Recipe 🍒

Central Otago Cherry Wreath Dessert Platter Recipe 🍒

Make your summer celebrations sparkle with this delightful Central Otago Cherry Wreath...

The ultimate Christmas party dessert scatter board? I reckon.

Perfect for a low-key Christmas-inspired dessert that won’t bust the belt...even after hours of eating 😋

This festive platter is a true luxury of local, seasonal ingredients.

We've been taught that happiness lies at the bottom of a box of chocolates with Christmas branding... nah, not for me thanks.

The blood glucose spike with eating chocolate (and generally lots of it) can leave you feeling flat and fatigued when the sugar crash comes. Forget the box of roses; happiness lies in this bountiful blend of flavours that not only looks good but also packs a healthy punch.

Central Otago Cherry Wreath Dessert Platter Recipe - let's go.

Platter Ingredients

🍒 Central Otago Cherries:

Bursting with sweetness and vibrant red hues, cherries bring joy to your taste buds. Beyond their delightful taste, cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. The polyphenols present in cherries may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body, promoting overall health and well-being.

🍑 Local Apricots:

Juicy and sun-kissed, apricots add a touch of Central Otago summer to your wreath. Rich in vitamins A and C, apricots support immune health and promote skin vitality. The fibre content aids in digestion, keeping your gut happy and healthy.

🥜 Pistachios (or your favourite nuts):

Crunchy and satisfying, nuts provide a dose of heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Pistachios, in particular, offer additional benefits with their high levels of antioxidants and essential nutrients. Including nuts in your diet may contribute to improved heart health and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

🧀 Cheese:

Because who can resist cheese, especially during Christmas? Cheese is a good source of calcium, essential for strong bones and teeth. Additionally, the protein and fat in cheese help keep you feeling full, making it a satisfying and nutritious addition to the wreath.

🥥 Coconut & Cinnamon 'Snow':

A sprinkle of coconut and cinnamon 'snow' adds a festive touch, making your wreath look as enchanting as it tastes. Coconut brings medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are known for their potential to boost energy and support brain function. Cinnamon, besides its warm and inviting flavour, has been linked to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Rosemary... for decoration only but it grows amazingly in most places in New Zealand, so if you have some in the garden, throw it in!

Christmas Platter Assembly:

Lay the Foundation:

Grab a circular platter board. Or plate. Arrange a base of cherries and apricots, creating a colourful circle for your wreath.

Add the Crunch:

Sprinkle pistachios (or your preferred nuts) around the wreath, ensuring a satisfying crunch in every bite.

Cheese Delight:

Nestle your favourite cheeses among the fruits and nuts, adding a rich and savoury dimension to the platter.

Snowy Finish:

Gently dust the wreath with coconut and cinnamon 'snow' for that extra touch of holiday magic.

Serve and Enjoy:

Invite your guests to indulge in this luxurious Central Otago summer wreath, celebrating the season with a treat that's both delicious and beneficial to your well-being.

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