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Can Eating More Protein Help You Lose Weight? A Deep Dive

Updated: May 23, 2023

Short Answer? Hell yes.

Everyone under eats protein.

I encourage you to eat more of it.

It’s that simple.

I also coach you through dealing with the current food environment. We work belief systems. We spend time unlearning the processed food you’ve all been taught is healthy.

But what makes it all easier?

Eating the protein your body needs.

It’s a scary word that a lot of people shy away from. It’s just what body builders take isn’t it?

Why is protein important if you're trying to lose weight?


  • You feel full not hungry (everyone)

  • Your hormones change

  • Your mood improves (everyone)

  • You lose weight (97 out of just over 100 clients)

  • You lose fat not muscle (proven by body scans)

  • You preserve muscle mass (and start to see definition)

  • Your waist shrinks

  • Your cycle comes back (2 clients including 1 vegan)

  • You improve your energy levels

I give this information away for free because I see so many people suffering.

I also know where I went wrong for so many years.

Busting Protein Beliefs Like:

  • Protein will make me bulky

  • Red meat is bad for me

  • Meat has fat (to be avoided)

  • Whole grains are a healthy way to fill you up

  • Eggs give you high cholesterol

Throw that s**t out the window.

Most Googled Questions About Protein:

  • Do I need a protein powder?

  • Will protein powder help me lose weight?

  • Will protein powder make me gain weight?

  • Will protein powder make me fat?

Let’s leave the powder aside and focus on some real sources of protein.

You do not need to buy and throw back expensive, well marketed milk shake to get lean.

Simple Sources of Protein:

  • Eggs & Egg Whites

  • Lean Meat & Fish: Chicken, Turkey, Tuna, Venison

  • Lamb, Beef, Pork/Bacon

  • Greek Yoghurt (selected brands)

  • Cottage Cheese

And more than you can imagine.

How Do You Know If You Should You Eat More Protein?

Answer these questions and you'll know:

  • Feel hungry throughout the day?

  • Find yourself reaching for sweet treats?

  • Feel irritable and moody?

  • Want a big sandwich/bagel/muffin to “fill you up”?

  • Emotionally eat and you don’t know why?

Your body is likely craving the protein you need.

Your body will try to over eat everything else until those needs are met.

This is what our programmes are built on and it is why they work.

Why Our Fat Loss Programmes Work

  • They focus on eating more not less

  • They make it feel ‘easy’

  • They literally change your moods

  • The enhance your energy levels

  • The results motivate you without you trying to “feel motivated”

The Science Behind Protein

There is tonnes but let's start somewhere simple.

The Protein Leverage Hypothesis

The protein leverage hypothesis theorises that until our protein requirements are met…we keep eating. That simple.

I have never (and I mean never) come across a person already eating adequate protein when they come to me. Amongst other things, the main reasons lovely folk generally want my support is for help with lifestyle change and most notably weight loss.

I have recommended more protein in every single one of my tailored nutrition plans since starting my business over 3 years ago.

I never cease to be amazed by the results that come from eating more of this magic nutrient.

Ignore Fad (Low Fat & Keto) Messages

Recent dietary guidelines and fads focus on either fat or carbohydrates. The real truth is I believe we’ll overeat both of the above if our protein requirements aren’t met.

So many people start out on a health journey and restrict overall calories. As their protein requirements aren’t often met with any consistency or regularity they generally fall off the wagon.

If you decide you’re going to eat purely lettuce and rice cakes (low fat) or purely butter and cheese (keto) it’s likely you’ll end up over eating something at some stage in a bid to get those protein levels up.

It might be a bag of chips (or 3-4) or a tub of ice cream…both very easy to keep consuming. Try eating 3-4 steaks…can’t imagine it can ya?

What The Studies Say

The science is insane (yes, I am an absolute geek I know - but, I do this work so that you don't have to). One study has reported that people eat up to 60% less calories overall when they eat adequate protein.

"In our study population a change in the nutritional environment that dilutes dietary protein with carbohydrate and fat promotes overconsumption, enhancing the risk for potential weight gain." 2011 Article

Share this with someone who needs to hear it.

And send me a message if you have any questions.


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If you want to get to the bottom of the key mistakes you're making, get in touch.

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