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Four 3 Ingredient Lazy Lunches For Under $8

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Busting Healthy Eating Myths

3 Ingredient Lazy Lunches For Under $8 - really? Let's bust some myths.

Eating healthy is complicated.

Healthy food is expensive.

I don't have time to make my lunch.

Read this article and think again.

I am busy and I can be lazy, but does this mean I'm willing to eat junk and spend money doing it? Nah. This is all about working smarter not harder.

Why Does Meal Prep Matter?

We are exposed to thousands of food decisions every single day. From advertising, to supermarkets, to cafes. The world around us is designed to ensure we consume as much as possible.

Many food companies spend millions of dollars ensuring their food and drinks are as addictive as possible. Throw in a few kids, stress at work and suddenly that energy drink, muffin, pie... is looking oh so good.

Together, let's regain control and eliminate many of these food decisions from your day. Meal prep is all about simplifying your day and your decisions. Who doesn't need a little more simplicity in their life?

Myth 1: Healthy Eating Is Complicated

Absolutely not. Most people when they come to me eat over 100 ingredients in a day. Processed cereal, toast, sandwich for lunch, crackers... processed beige cardboard that makes you feel sluggish. My programme strips this back to about 20-30. Sometimes even less. Read on to find out how.

Myth 2: Healthy Food Is Expensive

Sure. If you want to buy fancy 'healthy' cereal. Sugar filled 'bliss balls' masking as a healthy treat. Protein shake. Spend all you like... if you want. Or don't. It's up to you. My lunches cost under $7, sometimes even less. Tell me how much yours cost? A sandwich from a deli or cafe, with a drink of course... maybe a takeaway curry because it's what the guys at work are getting. Think over $100 a week...on lunch.

Myth 3: I don't Have Time To Make Lunch

Haha, sure. The 10 minute drive to the cafe, waiting in line, waiting for it to be ready. And the return trip. I bet when you buy lunch out it takes you 20 minutes or more. Every. Single. Day. What if you prepped 3-5 meals on a Sunday and spent that 20-30 minutes each day going out for a walk? That's a serious lifestyle readjustment with one tweak.

Anyway, you're probably here for the recipes, so let's get into it.

3 Ingredient Lazy Lunch No. 1 - $7


Pork Chop - $5 a piece (in a pack of 3-4)

Broccoli - $2 (divided over 3 days) - $0.70.

Pesto - $7.30 (divided by 5 servings) - $1.46

Total: $7.16

That's a large pork chop (protein to fill you up), broccoli (veggies), the good pesto made with olive oil not canola oil (healthy fat & flavour). Flavoursome meat, crunchy broccoli and salty deliciousness. Tell me you wouldn't enjoy this?

Method: Air fry/Bake/Fry the pork chops on a Sunday or the night before, cook the broccoli however you like - honest truth - this was microwaved in 3 mins. Add the pesto. Eat at home if you have the luxury or throw this in a Tupperware to take to work.

This is totally re-heatable for winter days!

3 Ingredient Super Lazy Lunch No. 2 - $6

Ok, so this is a really lazy one + more coming up and is even doable last minute if you're still struggling with the planning side of things.


Deli Shredded Chicken - $3.20/100g (I recommend 120g+ of protein for each meal)

Sun-dried Tomatoes - $5.70 (you probably want less than a 5th of the pack)

Greens/Salad - Free - this was leftover celery leaves and greens from the garden, but for ease, say it was a $5 bag of spinach. Consider using spinach or silverbeet if you want to be able to heat it up for colder days.

I do recommend a dressing for this one (dry salad is never enjoyable). Try Olive Oil and Lemon Juice or Apple Cider Vinegar.

Plan ahead, or have your greens ready - then go and grab chicken from the deli at your local supermarket in half the time it takes to wait in a queue at a cafe.

Hate the thought of shredded chicken? Swap it for roast pork or lamb from the deli at any supermarket.

3 Ingredient Lunch No. 3 - $4

I hear you... It's nearly Winter Amy and you've given me two salad type meals.

Well this is a goodie. It does require a little bit of prep but it's 3 Ingredients and about half an hour of your Sunday. My clients LOVE IT. A Frittata or lunchtime loaf...


Bacon - $6.50 for 250g of Beehive Rindless Eye Bacon (there are better options out there but for the sake of keeping it supermarket friendly and you not having to go and find a farmer this will do.

12 - 15 Eggs - $11 (good times! But highly nutritious and economical - don't let the cost increases put you off)

Veggies of your choice - my favourite is asparagus, but not when it costs $8.99 a bunch! My top recommendations are courgette, capsicum, mushrooms - pick one you like and load it up.

Based on creating this recipe with a whole pack of bacon, full pack of 12 eggs and a whole head of broccoli - it comes out at $4 a portion.

Cook once and eat all week (5 Portions) -

Line the baking tin with baking paper - chop the bacon (I often use scissors) or leave it in whole slices. Chop and add in the veggies - or leave them whole (think mushrooms) and bake on 180°c until the top turns golden.

3 Ingredient Lunch No. 4 - $7.90

The ultimate in laze... leftovers.

This one is super easy and literally requires zero effort on your part.

When you're buying your meat/fish for the week. Simply buy more than you need to feed the family, to give yourself enough to make lunch the next day.

Lamb Chops - $5.70 (for 250g uncooked 2-3 chops)

Salad/Greens - $5 a bag ($1 a day) or cook extra veggies with dinner and use them if you want something you can heat.

Cherry Tomatoes - $5.90 (divided by $5)

$7.90 per portion.

Cook the meat with dinner and simply set aside the amount you want in Tupperware for the next day. Eat plain, with salt and pepper, dress it with mustard, olive oil, lemon juice...whatever you like that isn't a sugar filled, store bought dressing.

And I guarantee a lunch with this much delicious protein will not have you looking for the office cookie jar or lollies for a pick me up come 3pm.

Are You Sold Or Still Skeptical?

A challenge. Try one of two of these for a week. Save yourself 20-30 minutes a day in cafe queues and go for a walk instead. Add it up and be honest. Did you save yourself money too? No cafe/deli/pie shop costs + additional drink purchases. No added treats like chocolate or slices thrown in there.

Consider how much money and time you really could save.

It's all about working smarter not harder.

Making life easy for yourself, not more complicated.

If you want to get to the bottom of the key mistakes you're making, get in touch.

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