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Healthy & Delicious 3-Ingredient Easter 'Egg' Recipe

Updated: Mar 28

Healthy & Delicious 3-Ingredient Easter 'Egg' Recipe

Easter can be so tricky. Treats everywhere, Easter Eggs lining the shelves (since January) and pressure to eat more chocolate than we would do at any other time of year. In all likelihood, you'll be significantly adding to your supermarket bill with these smartly marketed chocolate treats. But it’s also important to enjoy the weekend and indulge if you feel like it. Why not get creative in the kitchen, either alone or with the kids?

Saving Your Budget, Sanity & Waistline This Easter

Here is a super easy recipe ahead of the weekend with some treats that taste delicious but won’t give you the pesky issues we associate with Easter. Namely diet derailment and feelings of disappointment when you eat one Easter Egg and just can’t stop.

With children running around with the inevitable sugar high after an Easter Egg from every relative (…all consumed within a 1-hour window) stress levels can also lead to emotional eating and a lack of ability to focus.

Disclaimers About This Recipe:

- May be easy but it’s good and messy

- Highly recommend making BEFORE you clean the kitchen (not after)

- I still have chocolate in my hair 🤦🏼‍♀️how?!

- Can be incredibly addictive but should not significantly damage your health 😉

So, Healthy & Delicious 3-Ingredient Easter 'Egg' Recipe - let's get into it.

The Ingredients You Need

I wouldn’t usually recommend dates as they are pretty sugary. But these natural sugars, combined with the polyphenols in the dark chocolate, protein and fat in the nuts will prevent your blood sugar from spiking.


- Medjool Dates - full of natural sugar and a decadent texture

- 95% Dark Chocolate (or milk chocolate if you want it to go down well for little ones…)

- Your filling of choice…

I’ve gone for 3 x flavours:

- Snickers (your favourite nut butter & optional chopped peanuts to coat)

- Black Forest Gateau - Free dried boysenberries or raspberries (crunchy and tart)

- Lamington - Brazil Nut (simple, delicious and health benefits galore) topped with coconut

Making 3-Ingredient Easter Eggs:


- Cut open the dates and remove the stone

- Fill with nut butter, 1 x boysenberry or 1 x Brazil nut (your choice)

- Melt chocolate - I used a bowl in the microwave (above a saucer of water)

- Coat your dates in chocolate


- Roll them in extra nuts, crushed boysenberry or coconut


- Place on a plate covered with baking paper (to prevent sticking)

- Place in the freezer for just 10 or so minutes until the chocolate is firm

- Taste test before the kids get their hands on them (crucial step)

- Place in an Easter Egg basket made with brown baking paper if you're trying to kid little ones into thinking they are 'Easter Eggs' 😉

Sit back, enjoy your handy work and dig in…

Enjoy guys!

Send me a photo if you give it a go.


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