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3 Ingredient Breakfast Loaf

Breakfast loafs are a brilliant way to make a healthy breakfast (or lunch) that you can eat all week. You can combine any ingredients you like. My favourite? Bacon, Eggs & Asparagus when they are in season.


Bacon, Chicken, Chorizo, Tofu, Salmon - or any that you like. Always opt for the least processed meat where possible. In this instance I have used Bacon that is 97% Pork with just a little salt added. Many brands add salt, nitrates, sugar and more so keep an eye out.


A delicious and nutritious way to combine your other ingredients. It is a fallacy that they raise your cholesterol and swapping your sugar based cereal or 10 ingredient slices of toast for eggs (natures perfectly packaged power houses) can only be a good thing in my experience.


For polyphenols, fibre and flavour. You can add whichever veggies you like and a great cost saving hack is to use frozen veggies if you are cooking them anyway. My favourite ingredients for this are: asparagus, spinach, kale, courgette, capsicum and onion if you're after added flavour.

Straight In The Oven...An even lazier version of the frittata – this doesn’t require any time on the stove and tastes just as great.


- Bacon/Salmon (3-8 Pieces depending on the size of tray) - 10-20 Eggs (depending on size of your tray) - Whatever chopped veggies & any herbs you like – pack it full

Cooking Method

- Place baking paper & bacon in the bottom of the tray to line - Add chopped veggies into tray (no need for pre-cooking) - Top with the Eggs, more bacon & herbs and put in the oven on 180°c

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