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2023 Wrap-Up: Empowering Transformations and Setting Sights on 2024

2023 Wrap-Up: Empowering Transformations and Setting Sights on 2024

A Bold Transition in 2023

This year we marked a significant shift in our approach to wellness and nutrition. We transitioned from tailored and individualised nutrition consultations, plans & sessions to a more dynamic method, aiming to extend our reach and impact.

Understanding the struggles of feeling trapped in an uncomfortable body, we've been driven by our shared experiences and your remarkable transformations. This motivation fueled our desire to help more people experience the life-changing benefits that many of you have achieved.

How did we plan on doing this? Well, a few ways. Tonnes more ways to give you free information. Along with making working with me more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

2023 Wrap-Up: Empowering Transformations and Setting Sights on 2024 - let's get into it!

Empowering Through Free Information

In our commitment to accessible wellness, we launched the 'Food for Thought' blog and a FREE weekly newsletter featuring a recipe, a personal story, and insightful tips weekly.

These resources have been met with great enthusiasm, offering valuable content without a cost. So, thank you for everyone's feedback.

Subscribers also get exclusive first-hand information about promotions and special insights, especially during challenging times like the holiday season.

Celebrating Success: Our Podcast Journey

Our 'Lifestyle Design Secrets' podcast, discussing fitness, nutrition, mindset, and more, has been a resounding success. As I write, we are thrilled to be in the Top 20 health & fitness podcasts in New Zealand, a milestone achieved thanks to your incredible support and five-star feedback.

Our podcast is what we call evergreen. So the episodes were recorded, but they will remain available to you, whenever you need to go back and listen to them.

Another way we hope to change the conversation around fitness and nutrition and give you more access to real-life transformation stories, science-backed principles and information. You can check out one of our latest episodes blow. But make sure you subscribe to Lifestyle Design Secrets on either Spotify or Apple Podcasts to get the new episodes!

The Birth of the Body Reset Transformation Programme

After nearly four years of personalised coaching, we observed common pitfalls influenced by misleading information from big food companies. Lots of you were making exactly the same mistakes that I had made years earlier. This realisation led to the creation of our signature Body Reset Transformation programme.

Built on extensive research and real-life experiences, this programme provides effective tools for losing body fat and gaining confidence, validated by your undeniable success stories.

Programme Expansion and DIY Transformation

This year also saw the launch of our Programme with Message Support and the innovative DIY Self Driven Transformation Programmes.

These offerings cater to different needs, allowing more flexibility and autonomy in the wellness journey. Our community has grown, with an engaging Instagram group chat where members share their experiences, recipes, and motivation.

Looking Forward to 2024

The upcoming year promises to be an exciting one, with the anticipated arrival of a new baby in May. As we prepare for this personal milestone, we'll focus more on our self-driven programmes, continuing to provide support and guidance.

We're also developing comprehensive resources on mindset, fitness, and nutrition for a healthy pregnancy journey. After many many questions!!

Your Voice Matters

We deeply value your input and experiences. If you have ideas, feedback, or simply want to share your journey, please reach out. Your perspectives and suggestions are crucial in helping us evolve and better serve our community.

A Heartfelt Thank You

To everyone who has been part of this journey, thank you. Your engagement, feedback, and stories are the driving force behind our mission.

We look forward to continuing this adventure with you and making 2024 an even more impactful year.

Your support and involvement have been vital in this transformative year. Here's to a brighter, healthier 2024, filled with more growth, learning, and shared successes! 🌟

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