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2 Ingredient Pancakes

A treat just in time for the Long Weekend. These pancakes go down a storm with my clients who eat them regularly as a weekend treat. The best part? Is they can, without derailing their health goals, because they literally only have 2 whole food ingredients.

Banana & Egg Pancakes - Ever Tried Them?

The Easiest Pancakes You Will Ever Make

These pancakes have a surprisingly similar texture to ordinary pancakes that you will know and love. And I think they are BY FAR easier to make. I am no good at getting recipes right, so two, ready sized ingredients is a win for me.

Pancakes Filled With Nutrition

They are also packed full of protein, fats and healthy carbohydrates (amongst other things) from the banana. The protein and fat from the egg will lower the blood sugar response to the banana.

I recommend adding additional protein and fat in the toppings. My favourite? Bacon, more cinnamon and a little bit of maple syrup. Greek yoghurt is also a great option with either fresh or frozen berries, stone fruit, nuts and seeds.

The Recipe

This recipe is for two about servings – about 2-3 crepes or 7-8 smaller pancakes depending on how thick your mixture turns out.


- 4 x eggs (medium but any size should work as it's a relatively flexible recipe)

- 2 x small/medium bananas (I find unripe work best)

- Cinnamon (optional)

- Butter/Coconut oil (for the pan if you need it)

Cooking Method

- Just combine the egg and banana in a food processor or nutribullet (literally so simple).

- Add cinnamon if you like the flavour

- Grease a pan with coconut oil (or butter, about a teaspoon)

- Cook like normal pancakes

- Add extra bacon, sliced banana/berries/cinnamon or Greek yoghurt as toppings!

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