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Your Language & Your Nutrition

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Surely your language doesn't affect your nutrition, mindset and body, does it? It's actually fascinating to hear my clients and how they talk about their lifestyle when we first start. There are often a lot of defensive words and they often try and justify why they do what they do - to both me and themselves. Many explain that they are really quite good and it's a mystery as to why what they are doing isn't working.

It can be incredibly hard getting honest with yourself about how your current lifestyle is or isn't serving you. It is confronting taking responsibility for the fact that you might even be self harming through the repetition of poor choices.

JUST-ifying What You Eat

Quite literally this is the most common thing I hear. I 'JUST'. Catch yourself next time you do it, as if this is part of your vocabulary that you use regularly, chances are you are trying to underplay whatever it may be.

Breakfast is always a classic.

"I just have cereal"

"I just have weetbix"

"I just have a smoothie"

Many of these options have more sugar than ice cream, but through clever marketing food companies have lead us to believe, over many years, that these are 'light' and healthy options. Much 'lighter' and less indulgent than a cooked breakfast surely? Well, this is what they want you to think. This marketing bleeds through into your own psyche helping you to justify choices that might not be serving you. A story for another day. But anyway...

It usually then continues throughout the day.

"Just a few crackers" (4 tsp of sugar worth of carbohydrates)

"Just a couple of times a week" ($120 on takeaway food)

"Just sometimes" (Ice cream most nights)

"Just a sandwich" (An enormous lunch that makes you feel lethargic)

"Just a few bits of chocolate, we just share a family bar" (14 tsp of sugar)

It is funny when you start to hear yourself say it. Start to listen to how you talk about your lifestyle and what you downplay.

How many times a day do you "JUST" do something? Compared to how many times you admit to confidently and happily indulge. Changing the way you talk to yourself and others about aspects of your lifestyle can have a huge impact.

Downplaying all the aspects of your nutrition to justify them tells the brain it didn't happen... or barely happened. Getting honest is far clearer and better for all aspects of your lifestyle.

Food for thought.

If you want to book in for a Consultation or Workplace Wellness session to talk through aspects you might be missing. Drop me a line.

Get in touch on Facebook or Instagram at @amysfitnessandnutrition, drop me a message to 0272 650 350, or check out more at

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