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How To Lose Fat While Eating Out: Making Smart Choices Without Ordering The Salad

Updated: 6 days ago

How to Lose Fat While Eating Out: Making Smart Choices for Long-Term Success

Losing fat doesn't mean you have to give up eating out. It also doesn't mean always ordering the salad. In fact salads are often the worst thing on the menu, filled with "healthy" ingredients, sugary dressings and food that simply doesn't fill you up.

Order the salad and next thing you know, you're feeling deprived after your good intentions and stealing your friends chips... tell me you haven't been there?

With a mindful approach and some strategic choices, you can enjoy restaurant meals while still making progress towards your weight loss goals.

In this article, we will explore effective strategies for making healthier choices when dining out, allowing you to stay on track without feeling deprived.

Remember, it's all about being mindful, staying true to your goals, and making informed decisions. So, how to lose fat whilst eating out...

Don't Settle for the "Easy" Options

Often, we feel tempted to choose quick and easy options like sandwiches or toasties when eating out. However, it's important to break free from conditioned beliefs and explore other alternatives.

Ordering dishes like grilled fish, steak with salad, or bacon and eggs can be just as satisfying without derailing your progress. Consider a beige sandwich.... versus a deliciously colourful plate like the one below.

Consider the Real Cost

While some less nutrient-dense options may seem cheaper on the menu, it's crucial to think about their long-term impact. Opting for the cheapest items like chips might save you a few dollars now, but they can leave you feeling sluggish, deprived of essential nutrients, and contribute to unwanted weight gain. Instead, evaluate the nutritional value and choose options that align with your goals.

Prioritise Protein

When selecting a meal, always aim for a choice that includes a good amount of protein. Protein helps keep you full and satisfied for longer, reducing the chances of overeating. Look for dishes with meats, poultry, fish or eggs as the primary protein source.

Don't Be Afraid to Make Substitutions

You shouldn't hesitate to ask for replacements or modifications to suit your dietary preferences. Most good restaurants are more than willing to accommodate requests. For example, if a dish comes with toast and hash browns, ask for them to be swapped with spinach or extra veggies. If a specific item doesn't align with your goals, request it to be removed from the plate entirely. Remember, it's your meal, and making changes doesn't make you fussy.

Trust the Power of Sides

If the main breakfast options seem elaborate or not in line with your goals, explore the sides menu. Many cafes are happy to serve individual items from the sides menu as a complete meal. You can ask for eggs, bacon, spinach, mushrooms, or any other suitable sides to create a customised dish that meets your needs.

Mindfulness is Key

When dining out, it's easy to get carried away and forget the principles you've learned on your weight loss journey. Stay mindful of your goals and the strategies that have been working for you. Take a moment to review the menu, choose options that align with your objectives, and resist the temptation to go for seemingly healthy choices that might be loaded with hidden ingredients or excess calories.

Handling Unhelpful Comments

It's possible that the people you're dining with may make unhelpful comments about your choices. Remember, your health and well-being are personal matters, and you have every right to make decisions that align with your goals. If confronted, smile and either be honest about your intentions or confidently brush off their comments. No one else should have a say in what you choose to eat.

My Go To Meals When Eating Out

Spoiler's never a salad.


- Sides breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, Spinach & Mushrooms

- Big Breakfast without the toast or hash browns


- Caesar Salad with no croutons and dressing on the side

- Burger - without the bun and salad instead of fries

- Steak/chicken/fish - veggies instead of potatoes/fries

Bar Snacks

- Chicken wings/nibbles (ideally not deep fried)

- Calamari (often deep fried but still better than a lot of options)

- Pork belly bites

- Pork crackling

- Olives/ Nuts


- Steak with salad

- Bunless burger (again)

- Curry without rice or naan (you really don't need it trust me)

Of course it's OK to eat the chips, the rice, the naan bread and burger bun from time to time if and when you want to. I choose not to the majority of the time, because I don't like the way I feel afterwards.

I mix it up from time to time, on holiday and whenever I feel like it to be honest. But this approach, to the majority of my eating out decisions has allowed me to eat out a considerable amount, without significantly impacting my waistline.

Eating Out & Still Losing Fat is Totally Doable

Losing fat while eating out is entirely possible with a mindful and informed approach.

By breaking away from conditioned beliefs, considering the nutritional value, prioritising protein, making smart substitutions, and staying mindful of your goals, you can enjoy dining out without compromising your progress.

Remember, it's about making choices that support your long-term well-being and staying true to your own journey.

Any questions on this topic, feel free to let me know.

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